Chopper City Boyz: Hood Tales from Their Eyes to Your Ears


A tick gets everything it needs from the animal it feeds upon. The same can be said about Snipe and Gar of the Chopper City Boyz.

This charismatic combo gets everything they need from the one thing that they sleep, eat and breathe…music. The Chopper City Boyz are no strangers to the hard knock life of the streets. Even though their career takes them to new heights, they stay grounded as they stretch higher and higher to grasp their dreams. With the recent release of their sophomore album, Life in the Concrete Jungle, Snipe and Gar are seeking longevity in the game. They offer us a smorgasbord of sound as they switch from club hits, to street anthems, to upbeat, flirtatious tunes. Snipe and Gar sat down with Chronic to let us know what makes them unconventional role models, what it’s like to make something out of nothing and how they manage to stand out amongst New Orleans elite.

Danielle Young


Tell me three words each of you would use to define your sound.

Snipe: Wooow. My sound has one word, original. You heard me?

Gar: Authentic fa’sho. Charismatic and demanding.


How did you guys link up?

Gar: It actually happened when B.G. left Cash Money and started his own label—Chopper City Records and was pushing his brother Hakim as a solo artist. Me and Hakim grew up on the same block. Once things started pumping, I went on the road with Hakim as his hype man. I would go to the studio and get it in, B.G. recognized the talent and offered me a solo project. Snipe came through management a while later and we formed the Chopper City Boyz. B.G. saw the same thing he did with the Hot Boyz and thought he could make a super group with us.


What is the Chopper City Boyz’ unique dynamic?

Snipe: Our swag. Please believe it. Believe it.

Gar: Snipe got it. We’re from where we’re from and you got to be one way coming from that. We represent East New Orleans brings a whole ‘nother swag to the table. We still on that gutter shit, but we swagged out a little more, know what I mean?


These dudes were definitely entertaining. Read more here.

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