From D-Boyz to Business Men


As a writer, I have always been told to write what I know. Stone and Lac of the D-Boyz must have also been taught that same lesson because they have always rapped what they know and what they’ve lived. This dynamic duo is about ready to completely change the rap game, track by track as they prepare for their debut release of Life of a D-Boy on Tuesday July, 29th. The former Cash Money princes are out to climb the charts and the ladder of success higher than humanly possible. They’ve recently joined forces with 404 Music, Inc. to start their very own record label, donning the name D-Boyz Entertainment and with this venture, they plan on not only making a name for themselves in the world of rap, but also in the name of business. Lac states the takeover as simply as this, “you ain’t got to like me, you ain’t go to accept me. But if it’s there, you can’t deny me.” From the sound of their single, “It’s Your Money” featuring Lil’ Wayne, I doubt anyone will deny this talented duo.

Danielle Young


What does the “D” in D-Boyz stand for and why?

You already know that pimpin.’ It’s doper than dope. It’s dope, dough, dollars and whatever you want it to mean. For us it’s dope because it’s potent. Believe that. You get high off of us. You get that rush. You ain’t got to sell us like drugs, we just that product. A mother fucker gets a rush off of me when I’m in their presence. We’re the product that everybody wants. Right now, they don’t know they want us. D-Boyz the only thing that’s going to kill their sickness. I’m into medicine; I wear a long white coat. *Lac laughs*


What’s this DVD, A Day in the Life of a D-Boy all about?

We told the people to turn the camera on and follow us—our life day by day. We want everybody to strap in and get ready for the ride. It’s raw and uncut. You know when they say seeing is believing, sometimes that’s all a mother fucker understands. They respect you when they see something they can relate to. They respect us and receive our message when they can see our lives like this. With the DVD, we’re just returning the love.


How did you discover your love of music?

To read their answer & more of the interview, click here.

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