Havoc: Half of Mobb Deep, but Full With Music


Havoc definitely puts the “deep” in Mobb Deep. One of the literal definitions of deep is “great in measure; intense; extreme.” When speaking with Havoc, I couldn’t help but feel his intensity and passion for his music. As part of Mobb Deep, Havoc has been able to keep his plate full with producing and contributing to the group. Even with the minor setback of his partner Prodigy living out a 3 ½ year jail stint, Havoc still remains hungry for a big, hot, steaming plate of hip hop. So, he’s serving it up to us on a silver platter with the anticipation of his second solo effort, presently untitled. Not to worry Mobb fans! Havoc only serves full course meals; so there will be a scrumptious Mobb Deep album for dessert once Prodigy is a free man. But for now, get your appetite and taste buds ready. Havoc’s cooking up something major!

 -Danielle Young


So, what have you been up to?

Man, just working, working and more work. Making beats, starting different ventures, working on different projects and staying out of trouble.


Since you mentioned trouble, let’s talk a little about Prodigy. I know you guys speak regularly, so what’s going on with him?

Well, my partner was hit with three and a half years in jail. He’s doing alright; doing his time. As soon as he gets home, it’s business as usual. I have sent him tracks so he can write to them while he’s in jail. We do what we can. Once Prodigy gets out—of course he’s got to get adjusted and everything like that—we’ll be working on new material immediately.


Good! I miss Mobb Deep.

I miss it too.


So, it’s not over for Mobb Deep, right?

Not at all! Don’t worry about that.


What about your second solo project?

**Yep, a solo project in the workd for Havoc. Read more HERE!


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