Hip Hop Isn’t Dead! It Just Caught One to the Head! Onyx is Here!



 Fredro Starr, Sonny Seeza and Sticky Fingaz are living proof that hip hop is indeed alive and well. We all remember Onyx’s hard hitting beats and even harder hitting lyrics. Well, they’re back…to rapping, that is. And, man, have we missed them! Hip hop has become mostly gimmicks, cotton candy and just plain…silly. What happened to gut wrenching tales from the streets—rhymes that meant something to listeners? Onyx is the answer to that query. We’ve seen them on our screens over the years, now with the August 19th release of Cold Case Files: Unsolved Murders, we get to hear them in our speakers. This album is compiled of all unreleased recordings that will feature deceased Onyx member X-1. This amazing release will prove to be timeless, as most of the tracks were recorded some 15 years ago. It will also set the stage for Black Rock—which will be released in 2009. Black Rock will be a breath of fresh air for hip hop and Onyx fans alike; boasting the rocking musicality that will make sure Onyx continues to stand out.

Danielle Young


What are some of the things that your mentor Jam Master Jay taught you?

Fredro: Not many people know this, but Jam Master Jay was the reason why Run DMC dressed that way with the big rope chains, Adidas and all that. He was more than a mentor to us. He set the fashion and swagger for the whole hip hop game. We got the Jam Master Jay DVD coming out later his year, Two Turn Tables and a Microphone. I’m doing it with his cousin Stephon Watford (Phonz). We got so many artists featured on it–Snoop, Mary, Onyx–everybody is on it talking about Jay and his influence. Phonz came to me depressed and we came up with the idea for the DVD. We have a beautiful project. I don’t like the way they portrayed him after death, so we’re out change that. And it will also help his family eat. But honestly, Jay is responsible for the best rap group out…Onyx.


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