Kevon Edmonds: Past Meets Present


Yes ladies and gents, he’s back and he’s definitely got something to prove. Kevon Edmonds, known for being the lead vocalist of After7 as well as Babyface’s older brother, is currently working on his second solo album that’s set to release in early 2009. On it, we can expect to hear the same soulfully potent voice that made Kevon famous, as well as lyrics that are authentic and unadulterated.

This masterpiece will leave you emotionally open to a smooth blend of classic old school R&B that we love and remember in the ever unpredictable R&B sounds of today.

Danielle Young

How did you know singing was something you wanted to do as a profession?

That wasn’t something I knew I wanted to do for quite some time. Actually, when I was younger—we were a fairly musical family—it didn’t really appeal to me as a profession. Singing was just something I enjoyed doing. I didn’t think much of it. Growing up, my brothers Melvin and Kenny were far more passionate. It took time before it began to appeal to me on a serious level. It didn’t really kick in until I went to Indiana University and took a course called I.U. Soul Revue and that really got me into the idea of performing music as a career. In that class, you’re required to learn a bit about the business of it, composition, theory and performance. Prior to that, I had never done any choreography, so I was in a group and we had choreography. Then, there was a presentation for everything that you worked on for the semester and we performed in front of the campus body. So, you got a little charge of what it was like to perform on stage. That definitely opened me up a little bit.
You’re known for your writing and singing. Is it difficult to give someone something you’ve written and have them bring it to life vocally?
I think everybody is a storyteller in their own right and that is pretty much how I consider myself—how I interpret something. It’s the same way as a consumer or a person who purchases music and then listens to it. I can tell my story – the way I interpret it – but they’re going to relate to it…based on their life’s experiences… It’s the same thing with your [own] music. Hopefully you place a song on an artist that [they] have an appreciation for will bring itself to life in its own way.

What happened to After7?

You KNOW you wanna know what happened…Read Kevon’s answer & the rest of the interview here.


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