MJG: Where Hip Hop Meets Soul

MJG is only half of the dynamic duo of 8Ball and MJG, but in this case both halves are wholly talented. With a sound that has always been soulfully crafted, MJG is releasing a sophomore solo album that will shine amongst other hip hop gems. The Memphis born and bred rapper is also expanding his horizons by adding writing credits to his resume. MJG has plans to take over the music industry beat by beat and lyric by lyric and we have no choice but to sit back, press play and listen to him take over!

Danielle Young



How did growing up in Memphis influence your sound?
A lot. Memphis is music city. There are musicians everywhere. I was in marching band in high school and so I came up around music all my life.


What instrument did you play?

Lead trumpet. I have plans to use horns in my music. I have used some [already], but more on a synthesizer. A lot of stuff I learned in band—reading music, learning notes—it all had me prepared for things I use in music today.

Why do you consider your music soul music?

What an interesting guy, right? I know you want to see the answer to this question & the rest of the interview. Click here.

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