Slim: From R&B Quartet Frontman to CEO


When your singing career starts with an on the spot audition for Sean “Diddy” Combs, there isn’t much that you can’t accomplish—platinum status, tours, fame, fortune. But where do you go once you reach platinum status with an R&B group adored by countless fans? To Marvin “Slim” Scandrick, the only place left to go, is up. Slim gained remarkable success with soulfully serenading set 112 and fully plans to continue the same success as a solo artist and CEO of his own label. With a brand new business venture under his belt, Slim uses everything he has learned in the business thus far to keep his career climbing the proverbial ladder of success. Who knows, perhaps as Slim keeps pulling himself up rung by rung, the rest of 112 may well be right there with him. But don’t go looking for the latest 112 album yet; as of now, Slim’s handling his business, literally.

 Danielle Young


You’ve always been described as the front man of 112. Was there ever any jealousy or animosity towards you because of that?

To make 112 work, everyone understood what their roles were in the group. We just had to make sure that whatever people said we had to represent for the group, we did to the best of our ability. The group clearly knew that I had a distinguishable voice and it was the weapon that set us apart from other groups. They knew that. Everyone knows I’m charismatic and people tend to draw to me.


So no Eddy Kane in The Five Heartbeats going on, right?

*Slim chuckles* Oh no. We’ve watched that enough to know better. We studied how to be in a group before we got the deal. Being in a group is hard because you have four different personalities, four strong opinions and ways of thinking.  [You have to] use that in a positive way.  It’s an undeniable force.


What’s the difference in being a solo artist as opposed to being in a group?

 How could you NOT want to read the rest of this?! Click here for the full interview.


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