Billy Blue: Rocky Past Led to a Rock Solid Future


With a past like his, you’d be Blue too. Billy Blue has suffered through the loss of his mother, being sent away by his father, only to be neglected and left to fend for himself by his aunt. Most people would get knocked down by these life experiences and not get back up. Not Billy Blue. He used this as motivation to create a life for himself. That’s when music stepped in and saved his life. Billy Blue has certainly made a significant turn-around and his future is much brighter than he could have ever imagined. With his debut album dropping this summer, Billy Blue will be introducing the world to a realness that we rarely get to witness. Not your typical down south rapper, Billy Blue brings vulnerability, humility and perseverance to the mic—a delicious concoction bound to leave you intoxicated.

-Danielle Young


Why is it that you don’t consider rapping as something you were destined to do?

I consider rapping what saved my life. You never know what you’re destined to do because at the time, I was going through so much crazy sh*t in my life—it just came to a point where I thought I would end up dying any given day. Rapping was something I just did. I didn’t do it because I really wanted to. I just did it to express myself. When I finally gave up, it just popped and saved me from what I was doing at the time.


What do you mean, when you finally gave up?

Every rapper meets that fork in the road where he is like, ‘This is just not doing it for me anymore. I’m trying and this sh*t ain’t going anywhere, so f*ck it. I’m going to go ahead and keep doing me.’ At the time, I was just doing it because it was something I could do. It was something easy to do. It wasn’t doing anything for me. It wasn’t giving me any money.  People liked the music, but it is what it is.


Do you consider yourself a rapper?

Like I said in one of my songs, ‘I just made mils off of thinking out loud.’ I’m just a normal dude. I rap, but I tell you how it is. I tell you what I experience. Basically, the things in my songs that I experience are what ever other person experiences. I try to let them know I’ve been through it all. I’ve been through as much drama as any [other] person has been through in life. Lord knows we all go through that bullsh*t stage that we don’t know how to overcome.


You have been through hell and high water in your life – especially in your younger years. You went into juve when you were 12. Those are formative years—so how did those three years you spent there shape you as a person and as an artist?

**A HELLUVA interview! This man has been thru it all! Click HERE to read more.**

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