Laura Izibor: Overflowing with Soul


With a face that could sooth any troubled soul and a voice that will snuggly tuck you in and place a kiss on your forehead, Laura Izibor is set to release her debut album, Let the Truth be Told. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland Laura hopes to reintroduce us to American soul – from an Irish perspective.

The 21-year-old songstress realized her love for music at the age of 13 and has been chasing this dream since then. Born into a family of five, Izibor’s mother struggled to maintain a life for her kids so Laura’s affinity for music was just an obsession. Little did she know that her musical fantasies would be a reality after patiently waiting for life to happen around her. Now that music has taken a front seat in Laura’s life, she can put on cruise control and enjoy her success. But she won’t do that. Izibor is way too proactive to let someone else run her career. The singer/songwriter/producer will continue to call the shots when it comes to her voice, her song, herself. Laura isn’t afraid to admit that her passionate melodies are completely born and bred by her own hard work and talent. Let the Truth Be Told is a testament to that and once you get a listen, you won’t be a fan, you’ll be moved.

-Danielle Young


What does soul mean to you?

Soul music to me, I suppose it’s expression—how everyone feels—without sounding too corny. It goes back to me listening to Otis Redding singles back in the day and ties in perfectly with today. There is so much movement that soul/Motown music has had. Whether is was Martin Luther King era, or whatever; it’s that unpretentious music that nobody holds back on. There [are] no contrived elements to it. It’s real and gritty, just honest music.


Since you do songwriting and producing as well as singing, which do you find more of your talent concentrated in: singing/producing/songwriting?

It really is a rounded thing. One time I wasn’t playing because there was no keyboard and I got to play two or three songs with no keyboard and I was like oooh this is wonderful! Just walk on set, get the microphone and sing. It was great. Imagine if you didn’t write any songs and this is all you have to do. It reeks! I enjoyed it, but I don’t enjoy it as much without all the other elements. I just think everything is well-rounded. I like being able to create a song from scratch, then bring it in, work it up, then bring it out, play it with the keys and sing it. It just feels like you get a lot more song from that.


With you having your hands in your own music, how is your process of developing a song?

Very, very easygoing and a lot of good energy. I just lock myself in a room with the keys and press record and vibe it. I don’t wrack my brain with pen and paper, think about what people want to hear and what market, you just have to vibe and feel it. It’s usually just a feeling I get. I just go in and start playing a few keys on the chords and match them to a melody in my head. I just keep vibing it and the lyrics come quite naturally. I often write half a song and then come back to it and just finish it. I’ll write the bridge a week later.


You have a fun and soulful sound. In being from Dublin, are there any Irish artists that influence your music or are you more of a fan of American soul?

**to read Laura’s answer & the rest of the interview, click here.**


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