Lydia Harris: From Death Row to Death Threats to New Life

If you were to look up “superwoman” in the dictionary, there would be a plethora of amazing women staring back at you. One of those ladies will stand out to you and that one is Lydia Harris. The former first lady of Death Row Records – a title rightfully earned when she, along with her former husband, co-founded Death Row Records with $1.5 million – is the epitome of superwoman. If it wasn’t for Lydia’s book, now DVD Married to the Game, no one would ever believe the insanity she has had to endure – death threats, court cases and oh yes…the battle to prove that she was indeed a co-founder of Death Row Records. 


The new year will represent a new life for Lydia and she welcomes it with open arms. With three restaurants, a jewelry line, a production company, a record label, a recording career, a daughter and her very own life to manage, it’s amazing that Lydia even has time to soul search.


Lydia Harris, a person that is true to herself, loyal and respects herself expects the same from others. A superwoman like Lydia is very rare, but once you unearth and brush the dust off from a gem like her, you’ll be amazed at its beauty.

-Danielle Young



What are your feelings on the upcoming auction for the Death Row catalogue?

Well, my gut feeling is that I want to see what kind of game is being played now. Everybody wants to underrate it, but they know it’s worth a lot of money because they wouldn’t have taken the time and energy [of] fighting me… [There hasn’t] been that much publicity on it, so you know when a person downplays something, [you] look at it at another angle.


Do you think that people are going to be a little afraid on bidding because of Suge?

Why do you say afraid? At the end of the day, it’s about the money. In my opinion, when you use the word afraid, I think it’s an excuse and a cop out. I don’t think they’re afraid.


Everyone is not as strong and tough as you are. You have the inside track because you’ve worked with Suge…

I’ve lived it. I know the players. I’ve been around the players. I’m not saying that I’m tough, I don’t want to come off like I’m being tough. Keeping it 100 and real, people don’t keep it 100 these days. They say they’re 100, but they don’t keep it 100.


From the outside, looking in, you have a tough exterior—someone who is not going to let go, or let someone get over on them. So, I see people from where I’m standing afraid of bidding because of what Suge put you through…

**you know you want to know the answer to that. To read the answer & more, click here.

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