Day 26: Five Men, One Dream


Reality TV has taken over our airwaves in almost every form. There are singing competitions, model competitions, home makeovers, wife swapping and celebrity dating. So it’s no surprise that one of R&B’s hottest groups stemmed from reality TV —Day 26. We eagerly watched as Brian, Que, Willie, Mike and Robert beat out thousands of hopeful vocalists and deal with one of the music industry’s toughest bosses—Diddy.


Today, Day 26 has reached significant success with their self-titled debut album, topping the charts in its first week. With their second album, Forever and A Day, set to be released on April 14th; Willie, Mike, Que, Robert and Brian are out to prove that male R&B groups are here to stay. Through the years, we’ve seen the men of R&B groups hit the top and fade away – Jackson 5, New Edition, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Blackstreet, 112 and even B2K. In between the Making the Band curse and the demise of other R&B crooner groups, Day 26 has their work cut out for them to stay on top. Luckily, these guys definitely have the chops and the charm (Mike continuously made me blush with his blatant flirting) to make history. We’ve just been privileged enough to see it in the making.

-Danielle Young


We’ve gotten to see you guys from audition to making your first album all on television. Do you feel as though that is something that has strengthened your career and given you respect in the industry?

Brian: Having a television show, it’s a great advantage as far as the public seeing us and seeing the journey of Day 26. The world hardly ever gets to see other artists in the studio or in their personal day-to-day lives. As far as respect amongst other artists…it’s slowly and surely growing. We get other people that we admired growing up, come up to us and are like, “Yo! You guys are the truth. You guys are doing your thing!” I mean, that’s a blessing in itself.


Do you feel as though you would get the same feedback if you guys didn’t have the show?

Brian: Honestly, I think so just because the talent is definitely there. Not to sound arrogant or cocky, but the talent would definitely shine through.


We know that your female counterparts—Danity Kane—are growing through [a] break up and issues right now. Do you feel Day 26 will suffer the same fate?

Robert: I definitely think we’re stronger than that and at the end of the day. We’ve got a common goal in our minds. Me not liking one of these brothers is not going to stop me from getting this money. That’s a small price to pay.  You get what you want to get out of life. When you hang around a person for a long period of time, I do believe you grow to love that person. I believe we’ve done that as a group…Everybody has accepted the fact that Willie is Willie. Que’s going to be Que. Brian’s going to be Brian. Mike’s going to be Mike and I’m going to be me. We love each other like brothers and we’re going to keep it moving.


Has anybody ever thought or ever wanted to do the solo thing?

Robert: Everybody did prior to this point. Prior to now, we were all solo artists. We were working on our own. This situation fell into my lap. Had it not fallen like it did, I would still be a solo artist. We all were aspiring to be solo artists. We had no idea that the future would hold Day 26.

Brian: I think a big plus that we had coming into this whole thing too was some of us had been in groups prior to all of this. So it helped out as far as us understanding that in groups, certain people have roles.


Now that you have a second album coming out, Forever and A Day, which I am excited about; do you feel as though you’ve been able to have more of a say so in your sound?

Brian: We definitely had a whole lot more say so. Actually, we wrote a bulk of the album. We were heavily involved in everything, as far as the music, the creative side, everything. This album is definitely getting a whole lot more of Day 26 this time around.


I heard on the show that y’all wanted to have some babymaking tunes on the album. And I saw on the tracklisting there was a song called “Babymaker.” What’s the sexiest song you’ve sang?

Brian: *starts singing* Honestly, I think it’s a tie between “Babymaker” and “What It Feels Like” from the first album. Very sexy. 


Que…are you and Dawn a real thing or is this just something that Diddy masterminded for ratings?

Que: If that is not real, I don’t know what is. I want you to tell everybody that we need to be nominated for the best reality TV show if that is not real. I don’t know how to fake my love. That’s some crazy sh*t if you can.


Are you having a hard time maintaining a relationship with a celebrity, being one yourself?

Que: I think it’s easy. It’s all about being honest and really loving your opponent. *he laughs* Not your opponent, your other half!

Brian: If they’re not in love, I want to know what love is!


Are you jealous?

**See what Brian says & read the rest of the interview here**

I loved this interview! The guys were do funny & Mike hit on me & even wanted me to meet them at their hotel. Oh, the perks of being a journalist!

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