Jadakiss-Constantly Proving He’s One of Your Top Five Rappers



With a laugh that is recognized within seconds of hearing it, lyrics that speak to the streets, surviving 50 Cent beef and well-earned confidence, Jadakiss has become one of rap’s living legends. Since getting his start in rapping with The Lox some 10 plus years ago, Jada has done nothing but sharpen his skills. From mixtapes to studio albums, we expect nothing but hard hitting beats and lyrics that make you want to go back and listen one more time to make sure you soaked up all its potency. That’s exactly what we will be doing with Jadakiss’ latest album, The Last Kiss, set to release on March 10th. We’ve all waited five long years since Jada’s last release—Kiss of Death and now the time has come for us to reunite with the husky voiced emcee. Even though his talents would tell you otherwise, Jadakiss does more than just rapping.


Multitasking in the music industry is becoming second nature for most artists and Jadakiss is no different. Always a lover of some fly kicks, he’s got his own site coming soon (hiphopsole.com). He’s also working on some voice over work as well as another mixtape—Kiss My Ass. Oh and let’s not forget The LOX compilation, No Security, hitting shelves this April as well as a LOX album, hopefully releasing this summer. Jada has had quite a journey since his days freestyling outside of Ruff Ryder studios and it’s going to be amazing to watch the rest of his journey unfold. Whether you admit it or not, Jadakiss is Top Five, Dead or Alive.

By: Danielle Young


With lyrics like, “Hip-hop is not dead, change gonna come, just like Barack said” and “Why did Bush knock down the towers?” You have political messages in some of your music. What’s the biggest impact hip-hop has on politics and vice versa?

Politics is in everything. When somebody like myself says something like Bush knocked down the towers, it comes shocking to people like Bill O’Reilly—to the whole world. They just blow it out of proportion, opposed to somebody else saying it. I don’t know if they think artists are ignorant or they don’t think we look at the news. Most artists dropped out in about sixth grade, that’s part of their bio. Politics is politics. It’s all an opinion, if you ain’t in Congress or a part of it. You’re just really viewing your opinion and that’s all I do. That’s all artists do, but it seems to stick when we say something. I don’t even know why.


I heard you talking about the Best of Both Offices when I first came in. Can you tell me more about that?

You’re going to have to talk to my man Young Sav, that’s his company. *He looks over at Young Sav*


Young Sav: It’s about him voicing his opinion about what’s going on in the streets at the time—promoting his album. It’s a viral campaign situation.


I was looking at the track listing for The Last Kiss and there are a lot of interesting collabos, producers and features. How did you choose those people?

They just felt right for the song. Everybody I choose, I choose them after made the song or after I got the beat. I just felt they were perfect for the song. I don’t go off names, I go off flames.


What are you most proud of with The Last Kiss?

The whole project is like my baby. I’m just finishing it—to complete it is what I’m proud of. I will tell you what I’m most proud of after I put it out.


With technology being so advanced and everywhere you go, you can download an album for free, are you at all nervous about record sales?

Yeah. Definitely. Always nervous. I’ll be alright because I can make it up somewhere else.


What message are you trying to send with this album?

Get on your ‘A’ game, as an artist. From Northeast, know what I mean? This is really like a sacrifice album to start n*ggas coming back out with good albums.


What took so long?

**Read Jada’s answer & the rest of the interview here**

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