Chad Beatz: Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist…Oh My!!!


Producers allow all music lovers to delve deep into a world where melodies wrap themselves tight in amazing beats and intricate rhythms. There are few producers who are actually able to make songs an experience and Chad Beatz is certainly one of those producers. Go right ahead and name one of your favorite artists and Chad Beatz is sure to have laced a gold or multi-platinum track for them. And he’s nowhere close to being done with his musical mistress. With his production company Tastemakers, Chad plans to do just that—make the taste that we crave through eclectic, unique and extraordinary music.

Danielle Young


How did you get started with music?

It’s been from my youth. I was always interested in keyboards and stuff like that. I got into it doing stuff in my bedroom in Boston. I actually met Ryan Leslie before he was Ryan Leslie. We worked together for four years and he did the Diddy stuff with Cassie and I went to G-Unit. That’s who I learned a lot from. We taught each other stuff, but that was who I was with for the first four years of my career. Ryan and I are still friends and going to do some collaborations soon.


What is Chad Beatz doing currently?

I’m working with Travis from Gym Class Heroes. I’ve been doing his solo album. It’s going to be pretty big. The Dream’s on it, T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne—everybody. Also, I’ve been working with Colin Munro. He’s a new artist. He and Drake are the new guys coming in from Toronto making a big scene right now. It’s all about the new faces right now. I also did two tracks on Twista’s new album. I’m also working with N.O.R.E. right now on his album.


Twista’s a different kind of artist. What helped you decide to work on this album?

Basically I was always a Twista fan and I got the opportunity to play him two joints and he loved it… It’s out right now and we’re excited about it. He’s the type of guy that comes every once in a while and he always stands out because he’s the only one that can rap like he does.


You’ve done a single with N.O.R.E., “Shoulders Move.” What made you decide to actually grab the mic for this one?

I don’t know. I’ve always been a writer since young, but I kind of fell back on it and stuck to producing. I’m getting back into putting my voice on stuff and writing more and putting my face out there a little more—which I think is necessary. In this day and age as far as music goes, the background is becoming the foreground.


So something a little like Ryan Leslie and The Dream. Do you crave the spotlight as an artist?

**interesting dude, right? Check out the response & the rest of the interview HERE**

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