David E Beats: A Whole New Brand of Hip Hop


When an artist is a well-oiled, one man machine, getting signed to a big label should be a cakewalk, right? Wrong! Well, kinda. David E. Beats has been on his grind since he was about 16 years old, when he got into his first fight that launched the song that got him attention from Interscope. When he uploaded the song onto Myspace & Soundclick, he had no idea that it would get such major attention. But that wasn’t David’s big break because his mom turned the deal down. She wanted her son to finish school, but that didn’t stop David from doing all the footwork to make his dream work. He later moved to the Bronx—the birthplace of hip hop—so that he could makes things happen for his career. These days every hip hop artist seeks authenticity. So that means David is competing against all types of hip hop. Wanting to make sure he stood out, while staying true to himself, David taught himself to play the guitar & hopes that his hip hop will be as embraced as Kid Cudi, Drake & all the other members of the freshman class of hip hop that have since graduated into mainstream. Boasting credits as a producer, rapper & guitarist, I don’t think David’s going to have a problem breaking the mainstream barrier. The multitasking up & comer took time from his overbooked schedule to chat with Chronic about his new album, Souljah Boy & this brand new musical genre that he places himself in. Get acquainted folks because this guitar-playing hip hop artist ain’t going nowhere!

-Danielle Young


What are you working on right now?

At this moment, I’m trying to practice. I don’t have too much time to practice guitar. Overall, I am promoting my new album that’s coming out this month called Exit. It has a song called, “Over Here” on it. A guy from France directed the video. That’s what I’ve been working on. I am prepping another freestyle mixtape because I love rap so much. I want to rap all day.


What made you decide to produce Exit all on your own?

Because I’m a producer. [laughs] I was always a rapper first, but a lot of people don’t know that I started out battle rapping at school. The whole production thing came out of necessity. People sucked at making beats, so I decided to make my own beats. I produced all my projects in the lab, which was just freestyle over industry beats. Usually 90% of what you hear me on, I’ve produced. I’m playing guitar throughout the album; essentially, it’s on some new-new. There’s a lot of hot tracks on it. It’s a concept album, telling a story from the first song to the last.


What about your freestyle mixtape?

People keep getting me confused. They’re always saying I make beats & they always come at me as a producer. I’m like, “the beat’s for me. I made it for myself.” I made a freestyle mixtape just to show people that I can actually rap as well. Plus, I had a lot of freestyles & beats hanging around from a year ago. I figured I might as well put it to use.


So you’re a producer because you’re self sufficient, basically.

Pretty much. I’ve been living on my own since I was 17. I’m kind of like on some “Independent Woman” shit, except I’m a man. The guitar came in because I was interested in it & I was always into playing an instrument. I took music theory in college & I was playing piano a little bit. I’m still not that great at piano playing; I play when I’m in the house. I don’t perform with trying to play the piano. I wanted to be on stage rocking out with my cock out & all of that. I copped a guitar & had it sitting on the wall for a year. It’s kind of hard at first, then after a while, I was interested again & went hard on it. I practiced three or four hours a day for everyday for a few years. Now, I’m at the point I can go off on stage & do solos. [sings a guitar riff]


Being that you are so multitalented, what do you consider yourself first—rapper, producer?

I don’t know. I see myself as both. That’s like asking a mom which child she likes the most. [laughs] It’s equal.


What do you think your sound is?

**To read the rest of David’s interview, click HERE**

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