Fabolous: It’s Loso’s Way or the Highway


It’s 10 O’Clock [somewhere], do you know what Fabolous is doing? If you’re one of Fab’s 14,000 plus followers on Twitter, chances are, you know his every move. It’s Loso, in case you ain’t know so aka The Best Who Ever Twitted—yeah that’s what this Brooklyn boy describes himself as on his own Twitter page. This dude’s got a lot to tweet about, with his fifth studio album scorching the airwaves and headphones of hip-hop’s biggest fans, watching his son grow before his own eyes and a career that’s taking him to new heights everyday—you know you’d tweet your little heart out too! Fab’s had four albums to tell us who he is and in Loso’s Way—he manages to tie in his inspiration from Carlito’s Way and combine it with his own experiences. Between Twitter and Loso’s Way, Fabolous has gotten all up close and personal with his fans and we like it! We may even be a little spoiled! We recently had a chat with F-A-B-O and he let us in on how he balances his career and family, what motivates him and who he respects in the game. It all just proves to us that it’s Loso’s Way or the highway.

Danielle Young


Who’s on the album?

I got Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Jeremih, The-Dream. Trey Songz, Marsha from Floetry, Ne-Yo, Carl Kane, Red Café, Fred the Billionaire—not too many outside verses besides that. Lil’ Wayne just sent a verse in; he was on [just] the hook of a song.


The album is amazing. Who’s laced the production of Loso’s Way?

We got all the way around. We got a guy by the name of Street Runner. We have—of course—The-Dream. We got Jermaine Dupri, DJ Toomp, Miguel. We’ve got some new guys too. It wasn’t just about me running to some big names. I always attack every project with whoever comes through with the heat. It’s not really about running to Timbaland, Dr. Dre or whoever – even though most people would love to do that. It’s more about just the records and the beats themselves and how they fit. That’s really where I was on this project—hearing the hottest joints. I’m not trying to run around and get somebody else’s sound.


Sean C and LV [are] on there, Sid Z, Alchemist did a joint on there. We’ve got a range of big name producers and some brand new guys that have been grinding that you may have never even heard of. That’s pretty much where I am when it comes to music. I just want heat. Big names had to start from somewhere.


How far did you take your inspiration with Carlito’s Way on this album?

I didn’t structure the whole album behind Carlito’s Way. A lot of albums now don’t have themes.  They just go into the studio and try to make 15 or 16 hot joints with no structure or theme. Sometimes it works, a lot of times it doesn’t. Sometimes it makes albums go all over the place musically. If you look at albums back in the day, they had that theme and that’s what helped some of the albums ride smoother and make more sense. It’s the same way Jay did Reasonable Doubt back in the day and Raekwon did the Purple Tape and Biggie did Life After Death—they just have that whole feel, even the photography and the artwork in the albums have that theme as well too. A lot of times people just take a picture with some money in their hands and it’s really basic and repetitive. The movie ended up being an inspiration for me and there are songs in the album that are keys to the movie and what’s happened in my life as well. It’s just a story of me, but it’s still comparable to things that were going on in Carlito’s Way too.


Let’s talk about MyFabolousLife.com and your twitter game.

Oh yeah.  MyFabolouslife.com is [kind of] a social network. You can come there and get your upscale urban stuff or just to know what’s going on in the world of fabulous things to come—the hot sneaker, the hot bag, what’s hot in music, the hottest new videos, how chicks, the hottest models, hot interviews—everything coming with the hot shit is on our website. Twitter is what they put me on to. Mine is twitter.com/myfabolouslife. More people are starting to feel more of my personality through my twitter because I give a lot more of whatever I feel like saying. Some people might take it as reckless.


Who motivates you?

**Who doesn’t want to know what drives this man? Click HERE to read his response & the rest of the interview**


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