Gym Class Heroes-Album Review

This was my first trial piece for YRB. How happy was I when I realized that I got to listen to & review Gym Class Hereos’ latest album?! *in Wale voice* “Vurry.”




[Decaydence/Fueled By Ramen]

Words by: Danielle Young

Welcome to a new sound, where hip hop harmonizes with big band, boasting eclectic horns and eardrum infiltrating piano, along with the passion of funk, reggae, pop and rock. Gym Class Heroes completely satisfies even the pickiest of listeners by wrapping their ears in a cozy, hand-woven masterpiece—The Quilt—which, in turn induces multiple eargasms. GCH’s fresh sound can easily be described as the hot, sweaty, in your face lovechild of Fall Out Boy and Talib Kweli. On the opening track, “Guilty as Charged,” London’s melodic mistress Estelle grooves her way through the addicting chorus. Busta brings his gritty voice and animated attitude to “Peace Sign/Index Down,” and The Dream delivers yet another booty bouncer with “Kissin’ Ears.” The final track, “Home,” rings in your ears like a true rebel’s anthem—grabbing you in an aural chokehold with a catchy chorus and music that will automatically give you a swagger that you never had. The album progresses like a kid with ADD who just ran out of Ritalin, but in a good way. Grab your shorts and sneakers; Gym Class is now in session.

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