Juicy J: Hustler Mentality


The Academy Awards usually honor any and everyone involved in the process of conceptualizing, creating and executing a poignant feature film. However, in 2006 when one of those sculpted, golden guys was given to Memphis rap trio Three 6 Mafia for Best Original Song; all bets were off. Now, in 2009, those same bets continue to stay off; bringing us a brand new album, Hustle Til’ I Die, by one of members of the triple six—Juicy J. Still keeping the same sound you know and love—that soulful hip hop—Juicy J plans to bring it to you harder and a lot more hood.


It’s been seven years since we heard from the Juice man on the solo tip and I’ll say hip hop’s hungriest heads are ready to sink their teeth into some of that good ol’ hustle music. In our sit down with Juicy J, we got him to dish on new ears, new music, new ventures and more. One thing he wants you to remember though: “Get my album Hustle Til’ I Die. I got Gorilla Zoe, Project Pat, Webbie, Flash—it’s off the chain, straight gangster and straight hood.” Tempted?

-Danielle Young


So, what’s going on with Juicy J right now?

Nothing much, just promoting this album. Juicy J, Hustle Til’ I Die in stores now.


It’s been six or seven years since your last solo album…

Yeah everybody says that. You know what? I’m going to tell you something. We always do our independent music; these days you got to keep something in these fans faces and ears because one minute you’re hot, the next, you’re gone.


You’re doing the independent music thing and the movie thing—what else is there to conquer?

[laughs] I don’t know. I’m thinking about taking a trip to Mars. We’re just trying to build our label. I’ve got a lot of young cats that I’m working with. A lot of these young people; I’m trying to give them a chance musically. I think right now, I’ve met engineers and producers that are 19 and 20 years old that have serious, raw talent. I want to reach out and help these people out. It’s some new ears. A lot of these young people have new ears; they’ve got the style on the streets.


Since Memphis is such a musical epicenter, what do you think it’s taught you about music?

**You want to know what this hustler said & read the rest of the interview? Click HERE**


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