Love, B. Scott

Have you ever found yourself clicking around on YouTube while you’re supposed to be completing expense reports or booking travel arrangements for your demanding boss? Well, I certainly have, and that’s exactly how I came across the YouTube phenom and blogger extraordinaire that is B. Scott. You know you’re a big deal when your ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend jumps on you and smooches you, catapulting you out of the closet. From said closet and into the spotlight, B. Scott has certainly made himself a household, or maybe bloghold name. With his killer androgynous looks, bubbly personality and nothing is too taboo attitude, you can’t help but fall in love with this man; which is what celebrities and love muffins (B. Scott fans) alike have done. We caught up with B. Scott and he gave us the low down on his non-celebrity-ness, becoming a YouTube partner, how he handles swagger jackers and oh so much more. Trust me, you’re going to fall in love too!


Do you consider yourself a celebrity?

In my mind, I see myself as a little country boy from North Carolina. I am realizing that other people view me as a celebrity, but since I don’t depend upon how others view me—I don’t see myself as being a celebrity. I’m just more known that I used to be. I think sometimes when people say celebrity, it carries a negative connotation. I’m a very down-to-earth.


Congrats on becoming a YouTube partner! Did you wake up one day and decide that you wanted to be a part of the YouTube craze?

OK!!! I’ve been a YouTube partner—I think it’s been over a year. It was weird. My best friend always said that people need to see my personality and that if they did, they would be a lot more into it and I would get a better sense of who I am, [all]while distinguishing myself from people who are on the internet. My first video was the “Shemar Moore Ding Ding” video. [laughs] That was put up on Mediatakeout, Sandra Rose, ConcreteLoop; all the major sites put that up because they were like, “Who the hell is this guy?!” It took on this whole new life. As soon as I started doing YouTube, that’s when everything blew up. You would be surprised at who watches my videos. [laughs]


Why would we be surprised? People click and watch some of everything! You’ve even got people watching you a little too closely, swagger jacking if you will…

I can’t wait until I’m on TV so people can stop swagger jacking me. The thing is, it’s ok. I’m not pissed. When I see someone swagger jacking me, it’s the most flattering thing ever. I noticed when other people and sites starting using my phrases verbatim. I said, baby, you can at least say courtesy of B. Scott. It’s cool because it’s not what you say, it’s who says it and how you say it. People are so focused on what other people are doing, that they can’t achieve what they need to do for themselves.


What about your comparisons to Chris Crocker? You’re so different from him, but people group you guys together…

Yeah, Chris Crocker is a friend of mine. I am so much different than him—from physical characteristics to my approach. I think people come to me for different reasons. I think we’re like apples and oranges. I believe in dreaming big. Even though people my perceive you as one thing, it’s about how you see yourself. I see myself as one day being like Ellen, Oprah or Tyra Banks with a little bit of Kathy Griffin in there.


There’s so many sites that do the negative criticism, but your site and your brand as a whole, prides itself on being positive. Do think people feel that since you are homosexual, that your blogs have to take on a catty tone, i.e. Michael K (Dlisted) and Perez Hilton?

They do. It’s one of the stereotypes that people have about gay people in the entertainment industry. Even when people critique fashion—a lot of the gay commentary is aggressive and negative. I think that’s something people do—give people what they’re asking for so that they can have a job. Fortunately, for me, I have created my own little wave for myself where I don’t have to play that card because I can actually talk about something of substance. For instance, Perez and others have to be that way because they don’t have the other card of being able to go on YouTube and having people care what they have to say. There has to be a reason you visit their site; whether it be the new scoop on celebrities, who’s divorcing who, who’s cheating on who. But for me, my love muffins see me for who I am and I see them for who they are and we connect to each other. When you come to my website or YouTube, it’s a support thing. People support B. and they want to know what’s going on in my life. People want to know “what’s going on with you and your neighbor?”


How do you handle competition?

When I see another blogger doing something on TV, I’m like, “Go ahead, get your thing on boo! I am happy for you!” When I hear other bloggers on the radio, I’m like, “good for them!” Like I said before in my videos over and over, what I have for me is for me. Nobody can’t take it. Why am I going to be worried, hating, upset and bitter because somebody else is getting an opportunity? That’s their opportunity. I can miss mine by looking at theirs. It’s room enough for all of us. That’s the one thing I hate about the whole internet community because I feel it’s very competitive and people’s mentality is all about scarcity. I believe in abundance.


Out of all the contributing to publications, hosting award shows, providing commentary and being B. Scott, which one of these has been your best experience working in the industry?

When I met Beyonce right before the Grammys when she was performing with Tina Turner. I was having such a bad day. I was upset because my mother had called me about my sister. You know how I get when I talk about my sister. I was crying and I was going to cancel seeing Beyonce. I was like, “whatever!” Kim Burse, who is Beyonce’s creative director was like, “Come on B. I want you to meet her.” So, I came early, not knowing that you have to have the proper protocol before you just bust in. I just come in to the door and they were like, “No no no!” and Beyonce saw me and was like, “Is that B. Scott? You better let him in here! It’s B. Scottttttt!” That was one of the worst days of my life before I went in there because I was tired, missing my family and whole bunch of stuff was going down that day. When I walked in, I was like, “OMG, I can’t believe I’m meeting Beyonce.” She said to me, “I can’t believe I’m meeting B. Scott.”


Do you think the industry tends to change people?

The entertainment industry does have the potential to change you and it can be rough, but you always have to refocus yourself. That was part of me coming to New York, to refocus myself with my best friend, Ty (also Beyonce’s right hand man). He was someone that knew me before everything and could help me get back to the basis of what it means to be who I am. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to move back to L.A. if I have to because of opportunities, but for this period in time, New York is good for me because it helps center me. I was in a funk Ty helped me get this shit together.


Positivity, love…all that. Aren’t you the model citizen?

Don’t get it twisted. I ain’t no little baby Jesus now! [laughs] I did not die on nobody’s cross for nobody’s sins. There was only one Jesus, one person like that and it’s not me. I do try to be as Christ-like and as positive as a person that I can be. I’m not perfect and I don’t want people to look at me like I am. I’m human, I get upset, I commit sins, like everyone else. I’m just sharing my story with people of what I’ve been through.


What is coming up next for you?

I really hope that I continue on my path, following the steps that God has ordered for me. I’ll try to be the best person I can be as I go through life. I hope that I accomplish my goals and reach more people than I have been. We all want to be happy. I want to find a nice future baby daddy, have some kids—I can adopt or have my own via a surrogate mother. Live my life. And tell people—by being who I am—that’s it’s ok to be who you are. I think that’s my message. I think I’ve caused people to question, “Do I really think B. Scott is going to hell?”


Wait, so you have love muffins that are against homosexuality?

I think some of my love muffins don’t agree with homosexuality, but think I’m funny. I don’t constantly talk about homosexuality in my videos. I want people to fall in love with who I am as a person—what God made me to be. My mother was a very homophobic person; loving, though. She always taught and preached that homosexuality was wrong and that you would go to hell, Sodom and Gomorrah and that man  should not lay with man and all that jazz, right? Then, she had me. Baby, baby, baby. If she didn’t have the gay of all gays. I am the number one gay in the world! That changed her whole perspective. You never know when it’s going to be your son, your husband, your cousin, you. [laughs] So just be open to what life is.


When it’s all said and done, what do you want people to remember about B. Scott?

That I was a beautiful person inside and out. That’s all we can try to be—the best we can. We all are trying to do the best we can, have happiness and be loved.


This is probably the most informative interview I’ve done. I’ve never really talked to anyone like this. This was weird. I kind of just let it all out.


And boy are we glad you did B.! Make sure you check B. Scott out on these sites


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Favorite B. Scott Quotes:

  • Oh Lord have mercy! Kelly Clarkson, Eddie Murphy!
  • Heyyyyyy Love Muffins!
  • It’s B. Scottttttttttttttt!
  • Nasty, Gutter-Butt Trollop
  • Shimmy! And shake baby!

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