Mack 10: As Raw & Uncut as Soft White


The Westside has always had its own style and swag when it comes to hip-hop—generally more laid back, hustler type music. It’s timeless and lasts in hip-hop’s evolution. Who’s a living witness to this testimony? Mack 10 of course.


This man has seen ten plus years of hip-hop and has been able to proudly sell records through them all. Formerly 1/3 of the rap trio Westside Connection, Mack’s hip-hop sense is taking him into business and acting. With his latest album—Soft White—on the shelf, Mack 10 is giving us everything we ever loved about his sound, but with a raw twist to keep us on our toes. His label, Hoo-Bangin’ is set and ready to put out talented money makers. And Mack’s acting is taking him to new heights and allowing him to score bigger and more challenging roles.


One thing is for sure—with talents spanning all forms of entertainment, Mack 10 is on a journey to become a household name and an industry elite (if he isn’t already.)

-Danielle Young


So there’s a new Mack 10 album out. What are you most excited about with it?

I’ve been gone for four years. I completely stepped away. Now I’m back in it with both feet and I’m happy about it. I’m happy about my situation and very pleased with my project.


What’s the biggest accomplishment that you made on this album that you feel you didn’t get to do on your previous albums?

I think it was important to make this a strong album because I’ve been gone for four years. I want to let people know I didn’t miss a step. I stepped away from the game due to personal issues and things I had to address in my life at the time—divorce and all that kind of stuff. Coming back and having a good showing on this album was real important and I think I accomplished that.


What made you come up with the title Soft White?

Soft white is uncut dope—that’s when it’s raw and uncut. It ain’t been cooked yet. It’s raw you dig? This album is just Mack 10.  There’s no gimmick—just me, raw and uncut.


There are a lot of features on the album. What made you choose who you would work with and in what capacity?

I just had fun on this album. Even with the features on my album, there is no doubt that it’s my album. It’s not a compilation. A couple records I’ve done, I had more than one person on the record. So it ain’t like the record is full of people. There are a few features; not as many as most. I’m real happy about it. I’m comfortable with how it turned out and I think everybody will be pleased with it.


Have you been doing anything lately with the Westside Connection?

No. I haven’t spoken to those guys in almost five years.


What’s going on there?

[laughs] Sh*t. I don’t know! I’ve been too busy focusing on what I’ve got to focus on…The last Westside Connection album was on the Hoo-Bangin’ label too, so I got to keep the label side and the business side going up. I got to concentrate on grinding and getting this Mack 10 and Glasses Malone records done. We’re about to hit the streets with it and let it do what it do.


What type of talent do you tend to look for to rep you label Hoo-Bangin’?

The kind that generates revenue. I wouldn’t give a f*ck if it was country western. If I can sell a couple million with ‘em, let’s go. Sh*t, I’m a record label. To me, I’m looking for successful records.


What’s the formula that creates someone who can sell records?

**read Mack 10’s insight on this & the rest of the interview HERE**

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