Swazy Baby: A Rap Rookie with an Expert Edge


It’s clear that hip hop-has had a hell of a makeover since its conception and if you ask some heads, hip-hop is still dead. Some would argue that too many artists are searching for their next hit, instead of searching for longevity—which tends to kill hip-hop softly. That’s not the case with newcomer, Swazy Baby. You don’t have to worry about him trying to give you the next big club record—although with his single, “F*ck How You Dance;” he’s clearly done that.


Still, this versatile young buck has more to offer hip-hop—he raps, sings, writes and produces. In his own words, “What more could you ask for?” An album, maybe? Ten Feet Tall & Bulletproof is the name of Swazy’s latest mixtape, available now and well worth the download.


Chronic has managed to catch this developing superstar at the start of his career and we’ll be listening—just like you—to see if Swazy Baby can rhyme and deliver.

-Danielle Young


For people that may not know you. Can you explain to them who Swazy Baby is as a person and as an artist?

Sometimes I’m down to earth. I have my mood swings. I think it’s an Aquarius thing. [laughs] I love what I do. I do what I love. I think I’m the same person musically as I am outside of it. I keep it 100 with myself when I’m on the microphone and when I’m not.


When did music find you?

I started young—nine years old. That’s when I wanted to do music. I knew I wanted to do music at that point. My uncle influenced me. I liked the way he was rapping and his flow.  I was interested. I wrote my first rap and from then, I went on by myself. Everybody was giving me good feedback. The football thing wasn’t working. I played in high school. I stayed in trouble about my music [back then]. I had to keep proving my skills to people and I brought my music to school. I wasn’t supposed to be doing that—selling at school. I constantly got in trouble with the haters saying this and that about my music. And I would go see about them. (laughs)


So did you manage to get through school ok?

I had to catch up. Behind all the fighting and getting in trouble, I was a year behind. I graduated on time; I didn’t stay behind. Education is important. Graduating was something I had to do—it was a goal. I went to college and that didn’t last long because I didn’t like it. I wanted to be a musician. So I stopped going and pursued the rap thing harder.


Explain to me your journey to stardom.

I grinded. Everyday. Even on school nights. [laughs] When I first started, I had a little karaoke machine when I was 11 or 12. I always had my little partners over trying to rap with me. My mom would ask if I did my homework and I would lie, “Yes, I did my homework.” (laughs) I was just trying to do music. Then, when I got to high school, I would stay over my boy’s house because he had all the equipment. I didn’t have any of my own. But I would be there on school nights, staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning, making beats. He would make sure that I got up to go to school. I really appreciate him being there for me.


When you say you sing, do you mean like a Kanye or Lil’ Wayne type thing?

No. I can sing. [laughs] I’m kind of shy. I’ve never sung in front of anybody. When I sing, I’m by myself. When I get comfortable with who I am in the industry and get respect from my fans, then I can come out with it. Kind of like, “this is what I do now. I do this too.”


I was reading about you saying you wanted to bring a new sound into the game. What kind of sound is that?

**You know you want to know what kinda of foolishness this guy thinks he’s bringing to the game…read HERE**


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