The-Dream: Life is but a Dream


There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t dream. Even if you can’t remember them when you wake up—they’re still there, filling your nights with images of things far beyond your grasp. Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash was always taught to be the dream and as a kid there was no way for anything he ever dreamed of to be beyond his grasp. So it was no surprise when this singer/songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and music executive became a success in the music industry and decided to call himself The-Dream.


Now with hit after hit under his belt—some given to other amazing artists like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Diddy and others kept for himself – The-Dream has built an empire around his undeniable talent.  With his label—Radio Killa—he’s presented Electrik Red; a funky all female phenom, crushing the competition with their debut album. He is also working and playing with Christina Milan and we’re all excited to hear what the newly blonde bombshell sounds like under his influence.


We recently sat down with this master of music as he discussed working with Kanye, what it is to be a good singer and we even had him open up a tiny bit about his main squeeze!

Danielle Young


How did you hook up with Kanye to do “Walking on the Moon?”

I’m Def Jam alumni, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to actually put [us together]. [We] actually love each other’s music, so it was one of those things that was bound to happen. We were supposed to get on this record “She Needs My Love” on the first album, but it didn’t happen because of the death of his mom. So, I got him for this album and we did some old Michael [Jackson] sh*t. You know how it goes.


How is it dealing with being as successful as you are?

With anything, it’s kind of like going to school to be a doctor. You’re in there for so long and you come out feeling there is success and there isn’t. It’s one of those things you wait 10 years to do and hopefully you believe in God and things start to go right—the stars start to line up…Getting here, is more so [about] being patient and staying on the same task for a long time. I knocked at the same doors instead of switching up… kicked the mother f*cking door in, got in, got out and put it back on the streets.


Being a songwriter, singer and a quality R&B artist, do you feel that the autotune is killing the art of singing?

No because I think what used to be good about singing was people with special voices. I think autotune is making everybody seem to have a special voice when it comes to singing, but singing is one of those things—you remember what it felt like to hear Al Green. If you put autotune on that, you would never know what Al Green sounds like. So, it’s not killing it, it’s making us more aware of what singing and the capability of singing is about. It’s about being born with something God gives you and not having it be duplicated. Everybody just can’t wake up and become a singer.


“Walking on the Moon” is very different. Are you going to have more songs like this one in the future?

Not really…What happens is, I am a part of something that started the sound that is out right now.  So all the little n*ggas pulling sh*t out of my book.  I can’t go on to another place, unless there is a place to go. “Walking on the Moon,” was a testament to two great songwriters and two artistic people—me and Kanye—getting together to do a particular song. Other than “Rocking That,” I haven’t put out a song that’s fully 100% me, the others have been songs with features—so I have to go back into that box because it can’t be dominated by anyone else. We started that sh*t two years ago. I can’t do that many records that are like that. I ask people to respect and understand that I can, but I don’t really have a place to want to do many records like that. I might do one every album. You will never get a whole album of “Walking on the Moon.” I didn’t curse in that record and that was very hard to do.


What’s going on with Christina Milian’s album and what is going on with her in general?

**How could you NOT want to know the answer to this? Click HERE**


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