Urban Latino: ITEMAS-Lumidee

This was my FIRST professional interview. I’d like to think I came a long way.



Lumidee used to be a one hit wonder. First hitting the scene in 2003, with the smash single “Never Leave You (Oh Ooh, Uh Ooh),” the Spanish-Harlem native was the best thing smoking that summer. Followed by release of her Universal Records debut, Almost Famous, that same year the singer/songwriter seemed on her way to commercial success. Unfortunately, the album received little fan-fare and failed to garner equal praise as the single. Fast-forward to the present, many assumed Lumidee’s career faded into obscurity, but 23-year-old has returned to silence her critics. Armed with a new look, sound and label, TVT records, the songbird aims high with her upcoming sophomore disc, Unexpected, to let the public know she’s no wonder-She’s the real thing!


How did your interest in music begin?


I have always loved music and I used to mess around and freestyle with friends in junior high school. When I was 14, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. For a while, I was misdiagnosed with Lupus, and I was getting the wrong medication, which slowed my health down. I was home-schooled for 3 years and that is when I started writing poetry. The poetry then evolved into songs because I wanted to sing what I wrote. Writing was a blessing. It made me want to do music. I didn’t know I had the talent. I started singing what I would write and my friends encouraged me to make it happen. A local DJ friend recorded me with his cheap equipment and played it in heavy rotation in the clubs.


What is your favorite musical genre?


I love alternative music. I have always loved Madonna, Salt-N-Peppa, Bon Jovi, and Tupac, to name a few. It all depends on the timing, mood, and where I am in my life.


How would you categorize your music?


It’s world music, that’s what I call it. One track on the album may have an urban feel, then the next one may be a totally different sound. I am happy with the album because it’s all sides of me; the side that wants to fall in love, the side that gets sad, the side that wants to dance,” etc.


Do you feel as though you’re taken seriously as an artist?


Most people don’t take me seriously, but I’m used to fighting. I will fight for my music; just to let them know that I’m not a one hit wonder. I’m up for a struggle. I am out to change minds because I’m trying to live my dream.


Where have you been up to since you have been out of the spotlight?


I didn’t give up music or disappear for no reason. I had to take time on this album because my first one was rushed. I want to give people what they deserve, hopefully I didn’t keep them waiting long.


If you could work with any artist within any genre or time period, who would that be?


I love so many different artists, but I never think about working with them. If I had to pick someone, I would say Tupac. But I would have loved working with him personally. If the opportunity ever presented itself, I wouldn’t pass it up.


If you weren’t a recording artist, what would you be?


I have always said there was nothing else I wanted to do. But I do enjoy cooking and I would love to be a chef, maybe open my own restaurant. I wouldn’t mind having a cooking show too.


What are your favorite tracks on the album?


“Did you Imagine” is a ballad and I love it. Also, “I’m Up” which has an R&B/Hip Hop club bounce to it. Either way, all the songs have a piece of me in them.


What can we look forward to for the future?


The sky’s the limit. I want to do everything. You can look forward to me producing tracks and writing for other artists. Check the credits, my name will be there. I may even try to write a book of poetry.


You can check Lumidee out at www.myspace.com/lumidee or www.lumidee.net


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