YRB Radar: Johnny Polygon

The hottest emcees typically reign from places where hip hop’s history is deeply embedded in its roots—from street corners to bodegas, barbershops to school yards and hole-in-the-wall clubs to basketball courts alike—hip hop thrives. However, there’s this weird, fresh eclectic new-comer—Johnny Polygon—and he’s proving that dope lyrics and amazing beats can be a product of an unlikely source—Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Tulsa doesn’t have a representative right now. I’d be honored if it were me. I’ve taken that as my responsibility,” Johnny states rather matter of fact.


With his EP Group Hug circulating behind an already firm, but modest fan base; Johnny boy is introducing himself to a world outside of Tulsa. “Sometimes you’ve got to take chances,” Polygon recalls of his decision to leave the comforts of home for the grind of L.A. Not only did he take a chance on moving with $297 in his pocket; [Johnny P just had to buy some Doritos and a Slurpee with his lump sum]  but he also took a chance on making music that was all about being who he is. “I’m always on a mission to inspire people just to be themselves, that’s it,” Johnny declares his soul purpose for his distinct sound. “I always viewed music as I can do absolutely whatever I want. A lot of my songs and lyrics are just conversations that my friends and I have [had] and they transform themselves into songs,” Polygon further explains of how his songs are born.


Johnny’s love for music made itself known when he was just chilling in the club in his B-Boy stance. “I started out as a breakdancer and that was cool because there was a lot of attention on us in the club,” Johnny says with a sly smile. But, luckily it’s that same club where he saw rappers handing out their CD’s and decided, “I can do that.” And so he did.


Johnny’s Group Hug EP is currently blasting in speakers, while new found fans anxiously await his Saved By The Bell mixtape and Wolf in Cheap Clothing album. “Group Hug is an introduction and the Saved By The Bell is mingling. I’ll say Wolf in Cheap Clothing is a great night and morning after…and pancakes,” Johnny laughs as he describes his multiple releases.


In case you think Johnny may be biting off more than he can chew, juggling releases, don’t. He’s got this. “I want people to know that I have a million things to say and a million ways that I can say it,” Johnny says and he’s fully committed to proving it. Failing is not an option for Johnny at this point because, “If I wasn’t rapping, I’d definitely would be some form of low life.” You wouldn’t do that to your new favorite hip hop hero, do you?


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