YRB Radar: Kevin Cossom


Remember when R&B music wasn’t even called R&B—it was named after what it was saturated in—soul. This was the type of music that was classic before it even paid its dues; it had melodies that could stand the test of time & then some, paired with lyrics that made women beg, plead & even toss their unmentionables on stages. That quality of music is almost nonexistent in soul’s descendant—R&B. Luckily, singer/songwriter Kevin Cossom has plans to breathe life & soul back into R&B. “We’re lacking [potent] subject matter & content. Our focus is the club & it’s hard to be in the club & be meaningful,” Kevin explains of what today’s R&B is like.


R&B’s knight in shining armor had a supportive mother who founded a performing arts school & encouraged her son’s vocal talents. “She got me into singing & doing things in church. My first solo was when I was three years old in a play. By the time I was 14, I wanted to do it professionally,” Kevin explains of his mother’s support.


A few years later, Kevin met his manager & within a year of that meeting, landed his first placement—Lloyd Banks’ “Karma.” Unfortunately, Kevin saw first-hand how finicky the music business can be.“They eventually did a remix & put Avant on it, but [it was] whatever; I realized it was not just music, it’s a business. There were reasons why they did that.” Thanks to that moment, Kevin turned to songwriting & began his current journey as a singer/songwriter.


Kevin began penning hit after hit for artists like Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, R. Kelly, Trey Songz & Keri Hilson under Grammy-grabbing Danja’s fresh label, N.A.R.S. (New Age Rock Stars). Working with Danja as a writer, Kevin expressed interest in singing & Danja brought him into the studio to see what he could do. “We went in the studio & came up with three or four crazy joints. The connection & the chemistry were automatically there.” They created a sound they intend to influence the industry with.


With inspiration spanning from church to melodies to conversations, Kevin delivers a raw perspective to popular R&B. Hook vs. Bridge—which he wrote all 14 songs—is just a tease of what we’ll be getting with his L.O.V.E. (Longing Over Various Emotions) release at the top of 2010. “The album is if you’ve ever been a relationship, liked somebody, searched [or searching] for love—there’s something in there for you.” Why, thank you Kevin. We could really use some sanctified, soul-injected R&B music. “From the feeling when you first meet somebody to when you’re tired of them. It’s all of those emotions put together in the album, in song form.”


With his music, Kevin hopes to “affect people in a good way. The things that I talk about—love & all that—I hope I can help somebody through a certain situation or let them know that somebody else feels the way they do.” And, we feel you Kevin C-o-s-s-o-m.




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