YRB Radar: Kevin Rudolf

New York City is teeming with multi-taskers, hustlers and everyday grinders. Although Kevin Rudolf reps Miami Beach, he is a New York City native and is no different from the dynamos that NYC boasts. He has taken his career from guitarist to producer to recording artist.


“I try to take what’s authentic about rock, hip hop and great music/songs and combine them. Those are the three things that I draw from when I make music, but I don’t classify the sound, ever,” Kevin boldly admits. Just because his name may be more of a mystery than his unidentifiable sound, doesn’t mean that Kevin hasn’t been around for years. In the time of instant listening on iTunes, Rhapsody, imeem and the like, very rarely do we read album notes cover to cover. And that—my friends—is where you would have read Kevin Rudolf’s name on a myriad of credits, from Black Eyed Peas to LL Cool J to Nelly Furtado.


Now, Kevin’s been able to work on his own career, as a recording artist. His debut single, Let It Rock, featuring Lil’ Wayne has proven itself to be a high energy anthem for pop, rock and hip hop lovers alike. Signed to Cash Money Records, Kevin is the premier artist outside of hip hop for the label. “I met Slim [of Cash Money] and he had been wanting to do something more in the pop/rock world and he knew I understood hip hop, pop and rock. It was something really organic, just a match,” Kevin recalls of signing with Cash Money.


And boy are we glad the universe decided to smile upon Kevin and his career because we have a little something something to look forward to—his debut album—In The City, slated for release on November 25th.  The album is a bit of a concept album, allowing you to see life through Kevin’s eyes. We can expect a level of longevity with Kevin because this debut album will transition directly into his sophomore album and so on. “I’m taking you on a journey of coming out into the world, learning how to survive and in the end finding peace and understanding within yourself,” Kevin says as he analyzes In The City.


What about Kevin’s journey? It’s only the beginning for the man that lets it rock. The integrity of his music is what is important for him and what keeps him motivated. Kevin explains, “I just want to have people love, feel and buy the record because they are connecting with it and enjoying it. Hopefully it transforms their lives like it transformed mine.” Personally, I am indeed looking forward to Kevin’s musical destiny. With a collaboration wish list that includes Katy Perry, Colbie Caillat and Sade, we can only expect peerless syncopation from the likes of Kevin Rudolf.


“I’m happy with the way things are going and hopefully people feel what I’m doing. I think it’s one of the few albums coming out that’s actually genuine, real and something different and not something made in a factory by a record company,” Kevin concludes.



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