YRB Radar: Paradiso Girls


Three parts vocal, one part DJ, one part rap, a couple splashes of dance, shake and pour into glass, garnish with talent. The result is an intoxicating concoction called the Paradiso Girls. The next time you’re in the zone, don’t blame it on the Patrón…blame it on this sassy international quintet for getting you drunk off their hit single, “Patrón Tequila” featuring Eve & Lil’ John. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s definitely a feel good, grooving and moving club song. Their debut album, Paradiso Girls is more than just club music though—it will define them. “The producers are different and so are we, so each song is so different—eclectic.” Chelsea, Aria, Lauren, Shar Mae and Kelly all hail from five separate cultural backgrounds—Barbados, America, England, Philippines and France—looking to break through the average girl group mold and bring the world a fun mix of Rock, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop. These lucky girls started out in the game working with all A-list producers—Ceelo, Polow Da Don, will.i.am and Sean Garrett. Surrounded with the hottest producers, the Paradiso Girls are going to be hitting the charts hard and even the most finicky of ears will be pleased.


With their self-titled debut album hitting the airwaves and headphones of music lovers this fall, the Paradiso Girls are focused on making music that lasts. “We take each of our talents and make them advantages for the group. We make something beautiful and new, “Aria, one of the lead vocalists explains. With girl groups nowadays not lasting any longer than a couple of years, it seems the Paradiso Girls are going to beat the odds. “We worked for two years and we’re going to keep working to make this group big. At the moment, none of us wants a solo career. We just want to combine our talents to make the best of the group.”


Aria, was the first Paradiso Girl chosen by Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine as she worked as a dancer in a cabaret. They then joined forces with will.i.am, headed to London, where they auditioned the best of the best from all over Europe and found three other girls. The group wasn’t complete until they did the same in the land of the free and home of the brave and found Chelsea—the group’s only American girl.


After the group was fully furnished with immense talent and passion, the girls moved to L.A. together. “We’ve known each other for two years. We lived together, grew together and got to know each other. We have to get along because we only have each other,” Aria mentions of conflict within the group. With their dreams finally coming into fruition in front of them, the Paradiso Girls are ready to do what so many girl groups before them haven’t done—stay together. We think the Paradiso Girls created the right potion to cure the girl group drought! Want a taste?


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