YRB Radar: Tina Parol

If Gwen Stefani decided to film Debbie Harry and Sting making a baby—that lovechild’s name would be Tina Parol. From a breathtaking Keith Haring mural on Houston to a dilapidated brownstone in Brooklyn; New York City has allowed Tina become who she is today—self-sufficient and inspired. “The City has also taught me how much I appreciate beauty in its art, architecture and music,” Tina muses as she takes out a Dum Dum from her bag. “I carry at least 40 Dum Dum’s with me everywhere I go!” She grins an innocent, but saucy grin.


This Big Apple native may be a newcomer to you, but she is certainly no stranger to music. She’s been singing her little heart out since pigtails and OshKoshB’Gosh; studying opera at eight years old and writing her first song at 11. “It was called ‘Gypsy Woman’ and it was about a woman that terrorizes men and eats them up—at age 11! My mother saw the lyrics and was like, ‘There might be some [fucking] potential here,’” Tina recalls with laughter.


The soon to be of legal drinking age singer/songwriter continues to let her pen and pad bare her soul as she continues to write songs, like her hit single, “Who’s Got Your Money.” Tina also lends her writing skills to other recording artists as well—penning Britney’s “Rock Boy,” as an international bonus track on Circus. “She was and is, an idol of mine. Say what you want, the girl is a pop culture phenom—she’s here to stay. Meeting her, working with her and writing a song for her was insane!” Tina recalls of her coming full circle in her career. Tina’s going to have to get used to being a fan to having her own because this summer, her debut album, Shrinking Violet will be released and welcomed with open arms by her ever-growing fan base.


A “shrinking violet” is a shy, quiet, introverted and weak girl—everything that Tina Parol isn’t. So why would she name her album after her antonym? Tina went through a volatile childhood, dealing with an abusive and drug using father. “I had to bloom and grow—if you will—out of that to become a powerful woman. I had to find that in myself. I’ve gone from a ‘shrinking violet’ to someone who can take care of herself. That’s what the record title is about.” Tina proclaims with confidence. Her debut album is honest, fun, pop, catchy and everything that Tina loves about her own sound.


I’ve already got her fetching first single, “Who’s Got Your Money” on repeat in my head and soon Tina will achieve mass appeal, causing recognition amongst fans and music moguls alike. Already knee-deep in her own funky sound, Tina hopes to be able to experiment with her music with more Dance-Rock and Reggae vibes. She’s even got her sights set on collaborating with some music giants. “I would love to work with BlaqStarr, Talib Kweli, Lupe or Common. I could see doing a fucking awesome bitchy duet with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Rihanna [God bless her]. I love those bitches. Oh, or Nelly Furtado. But definitely something hip hop in the works. I would love to do a ladies anthem. Like, ‘Gichi gichi ya ya da da!’” Tina sings between giggles.

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