Urban Latino-On The Move: Walter Perez


Preparing For Fame

It seems like only yesterday when a young Walter Perez wrote, starred and directed his own feature films with his father’s VHS camera in the comfort of his living room in South Gate, California. “In high school, I joined this theatre program called Colors United. I give a lot of credit to them because that was a program that pretty much got me into the field. They helped me take that big step forward,” Perez says of developing serious interest in acting.


Now the 22-year-old thespian has landed a breakout role in the remake of Fame, showed his passionate acting chops in indie gem, Emilio and hopefully soon, we’ll get to see how funny he can be. “I want to do comedy! I’m just waiting for that big, meaty comedic role,” he admits in a hearty giggle.


With pride in his Mexican heritage, Walter hopes to transcend ethnicity and be considered an incredible acting force to be reckoned with. In stemming from a middle-class upbringing, Walter’s story has no magical glass slippers; it’s one of pure hard work and determination.


Recently staring in Emilio, Walter proved that roles geared specifically towards his heritage can be a gift and a curse. However, using every experience as a stepping stone in his career, he takes no role for granted. ”As a Latino, it’s always hard to find good roles. They are very limited. It’s taking a step forward by not being cast as Latino. Its better when you are cast as anybody—like, the character can be anything. But I don’t mind playing these Latino roles because I think they’re important. Coming from a predominately Mexican community, I think people want to see me playing roles like that” Perez admits.


Hollywood better make room, because Walter’s stepping stones are certainly building him up for a takeover!


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