Urban Latino-On the Move: Angelic Zambrana


**Yes, this IS that sassy Spanish siren from PRECIOUS. This was one of my FAVE interviews! We hit it off so well, we actually became friends.**


Hollywood Doesn’t Change Everyone

 “The craziness of Latin culture is in every part of me—the fun, the flavor, the moves, the talent,” Angelic Zambrana lets her infectious laughter spill over and morph into a sigh. I couldn’t agree more with the 22 year-old Puerto Rican and Dominican pixie. Angelic’s tiny frame packs a powerful punch of personality that within five minutes of speaking to her, you will swear that you knew her way back when she’d pretend a bobby pin was a long cigarette and crooned her best Katherine Hepburn, “Darrrrling,” in the mirror. It was in those times that Angelic knew her fate lied in the silver screen. As a track star, painter, writer and singer—you may ask—is there anything Angelic can’t do? Yes; quit.


“For a while, I was an athlete and I was trying to get a scholarship for college and I totally didn’t focus my energy on the arts, as I should. If you don’t express your artistic side, oh man, you’ll crash,” Angelic recalls of trying to exist without acting. Although the young beauty’s life was filled to the brim with other interests and hobbies, acting still managed to hunt her down.


She began to refocus on the arts, taking classes at New York City’s Black Nexxus. It was there where she was able to get an agent. and ultimately how she landed her first role in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints—a movie casted in and about her neighborhood in Astoria, Queens.


From there, along came roles in this year’s knockout blockbuster, Fighting and independent treasure, Precious (formerly Push). Angelic played superwoman and filmed both roles simultaneously. In Fighting, she plays a tiny chick with a big mouth and in Precious, she’s bold, dark and tough. “All characters have a need, behavior and flaw. I always remember to have these elements in each character, no matter how small, so they seem like real, walking people that would be on the street. I didn’t do it off paper to where it was kitschy or stereotypical,” Angelic says of both recent roles.


There is nothing else that Angelic wants to do. “My spirit is whole when I’m acting,” she proudly admits. Although music is heavy in her family—being the daughter of Latin music legend, Kevin Zambrana and all, Angelic didn’t use the silver spoon that was already in her mouth. She boldly took it out and decided to use her hands. “I do a lot of work on my own because I’ve always been prideful in my independence,” Angelic strongly states. It’s that very independence that has allowed her to let her dream pull her along and what a ride that has been and certainly will be!


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