Day 26’s Willie Taylor Releases a Sex Tape



What are the makings of a sex symbol? Maybe it’s having “Him Downstairs” tatted on your stomach, “Warrior” on your neck & “King of the Jungle” on your arm—all permanent testaments of confidence & sex appeal. Then of course, there’s the ability to stand out as the shirtless wonder in a sexy group of five crooners, all receiving the high-pitched squeals of their crying fans, but his are just a little louder. Or maybe it’s studio skills that bring out tunes so hot, while listening, I had to clutch my pearls. Yes ladies & gentlemen, Day 26’s Willie Taylor is a certified sexy symbol! He’s proved to us that he’s certainly got the chops to make the ladies moist, now he’s proving he can also write the sultry lyrics he sings. No, Day 26 isn’t breaking up, even though they’re down a member. They actually plan on putting another album out this year. Willie just wanted to exercise more of his talents & make them a little more apparent. He started his own label, Noivak Music & has released his own sensual mixtape, Sex Tape on Valentine’s Day. Offering us straight bedroom music from start to finish, Willie’s first solo effort scorches headphones & speakers everywhere. It’s all about the music for this man & he takes a lot of his cues from Diddy. With his label, he hopes to allow other people the opportunity for a successful music career, just the way Diddy offered him one. His heart is in the right place & so is his sound. Day 26 is already a musical force to be reckoned with & now, so is Willie—standing on his own.

-Danielle Young



I’m excited about your new mixtape that you just released. Why name it Sex Tape?

I’m a really freaky individual. [laughs] I had a couple of records when I was an unsigned artist—“King of the Jungle,” “Sweat” and things like that. I took those records and finished them and felt like naming it Sex Tape. It just so happened that the holiday coming up around it was Valentine’s Day. My mission was to show the world myself as a writer. The world doesn’t know me as a writer. On the show, you saw me as an artist. I feel like if you don’t know me, then you’re not going to know that stuff. I want to show the fans, labels, publishing companies—all of them—the type of artist I am. I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to that studio work.


We did get to kinda see the way you work as an artist through the show. But I guess by being in a group, there was no room for individual attention for being a breakout star…

It wasn’t even meant to be a breakout situation or anything like that. The things they showed were like, ok, do this, but then go work with the producers rather than it being like us going in there & doing what we do. We didn’t get that chance. We do it all, as far as writing, production and music. So this was the perfect time to let y’all know.


For those who haven’t downloaded your completely FREE mixtape yet, what can they expect to hear on it?

Wooooweeee! [laughs] Some of the best bedroom music you have ever heard. I just went in as far as topics go. It’s straight lovemaking music from start to finish. You’re going to turn it on & just be that way.


Do you feel R&B is oversexed these days?

No. You have other songs. It’s not all about sex. Some records are about love. That’s what R&B is—it’s more heartfelt music. One thing R&B does own is the bedroom, period. It’s hard to bring Rock, Pop & Country into the bedroom. With R&B, we hold it down. That’s why you hear a lot of sex in it.


Is it hard to keep you husband & father life going through all the fame?

It’s different. There’s a lot of girls out here that try to throw me the drawers on a daily basis. For me, once you attempt to throw me the draws, I already have them, in my mind. I don’t need to touch you really. I’m on another level right now. I’ve been young before & all that stuff could have took me under—dead.


Do people assume you’re a manwhore based on the subject matter of your music?

**Of COURSE you want to know the answer to this. Read it & the rest of the interview HERE.**

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