Saint Germain: Can’t Knock the Hustle


New York City should take on a new moniker; something like New Hustle City, because once you get here, that’s what you do—hustle. Hustling is a prerequisite for living in this archetypal city of dreams. The A.U.D.R.A. Catalog’s creator, Saint Germain defines what it is to be a real New Yorker. “My passion is entertainment. I am vicariously an entertainer. I do music. I’m an artist—I rap. I ghostwrite for a lot of up and coming pop singers. I can compose and arrange ballads,” Saint lists off just a few of his immense talents.

Born and raised in the concrete jungle secures his title, but his hustler spirit solidifies it. Saint Germain has loved music since a youngster. “I’m more so a poet. I started by writing poems. I [then] started recording, going to the studio, learning about bars and counting them when I was 15,” He explains of his early interest in music as a career.

In Saint’s pursuit of that career, he’s learned that there’s far too many “rappers” out there. “You tell people that you rap, you’re falling on deaf ears. You present them with a different situation, such as A.U.D.R.A. and everyone is attentive,” he explains of how A.U.D.R.A. went from conception to creation. Brainstorming lead to him to The A.U.D.R.A. Catalog—an online publication that highlights the movers and the shakers in the entertainment industry that are typically overshadowed by today’s popular stars. “My passions have nothing to do with capital or whatever; it’s a higher cause. If I can help someone achieve something that I wanted to and couldn’t, then I feel like I accomplished a lot or what I set out to do,” Saint humbly admits.

With A.U.D.R.A., Saint hopes to become a legacy, allowing others to shine, while getting the shine he deserves. “I’ll be honest with you. I never thought I’d have another passion as much as I do for music. When the idea came for the magazine, it became my new passion. I didn’t fall off music; I am still doing it, but my music and the magazine hand in hand now.” Hustlers have to have impeccable time management skills because the 24 hours that the day offers is never enough. “Right now I am spending a lot of time with the magazine and when I can, I make sure I go to the studio and record a track or two and put it out. You make time if you’re passionate and hungry enough.” Saint has certainly put his time to good use.


His music is circulating online on Myspace, Soundclick and Rule 4080, while A.U.D.R.A. is flourishing and receiving heavy attention. “I’m trying to come out with an album–The Determination of the Damned. I feel I’m determined, but I’m damned because I can’t get a break, but at the same time, it doesn’t kill my determination, it makes me more determined,” Saint explains of the concept album he hopes to release. With influences ranging from Kool G Rap to Frank Sinatra, Big Daddy Kane to Ella Fitzgerald, Marly Marl to Michael Jackson, Saint’s music is eclectic, emotional and real. “I write music because it’s therapeutic. It’s my diary. If you really want to get to know me, you should listen to my music,” Saint asserts.

As cocky as it seems, he doesn’t really look up to anyone. He’s his own role model in this pursuit of his own personal peace and who can blame him? Who better to look up to than yourself? Who better to improve upon everyday and be better than everyday, than yourself? If you Google Saint Germain,” you’ll find a Parisian street, a jazz artist, a building in New York City’s West Village and a famous French liqueur, but this Saint Germain is committed to surpassing them all.

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