Rompin’ Roses

Summertime brings out the girly in me. When I spotted this romper on the clearance rack at Rainbow, I was so excited! Imagine my surprise when I saw that is was $7 AND my size! Floral prints are so hot this season and can add a bit of fun to any ensemble. I added a skinny red patent leather belt to give myself a bit more of a cinched-in shape. P.S.–This romper has POCKETS! I am a sucker for a dress or romper with pockets!



Of course I couldn’t resist putting the silk red flower in my hair to add to my floral theme. Where’d I get that lusious red flower? The local 99 cent store! I had an interview recently for a position as Alicia Keys‘ head blogger and I needed something colorful to accent my blazer. I was at a dollar store, saw the flowers and had a EUREKA moment! For $1, I got a vine with two on them–two for the price of one! All I do is pin it into my big hair with bobby pins.

The sexy red cork-heeled shoes are from Avenue for $20 with a coupon! The silver flowered bangle is also from Avenue for $7.99. The grey necklace is from Rainbow for $6.99.


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  1. I love that romper. I’m starting to feel those too. Although I bought a bright orange one from Forever 21(my new Gem) and it’s a little too short for this mom of 2 to be rocking. lol…guess I’ll just wear it around the house and look at myself in the mirror lol. but i’m loving this fashionista’s definitely you!! You were always remixing your clothes. lol Love it!

  2. That is mad cute! And I know you love dress with pockets. That way you have a place to put all the money you saved on that outfit! 😉

  3. Oh, that romper is so cute on you. I love it!

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