Scout’s Honor


I was just sitting around when my roomie was organizing her work (she’s a stylist) and my breath caught in my throat when I peeped a pair of TK Society Signature Supras ($150–NOT a purchase of mine! lol). There’s actually a teal pair on the site that I would love if anyone is feeling extra generous! LOL I was completely inspired to design an outfit around them. I love dressing down and these Supras gave me a reason.

I paired the Supras with a light denim button up (which are so on trend right now) from Rainbow for $9.99, striped suspenders (a gift from my roomie) and army green cargo shorts from Avenue’s clearance rack for $6.99. They had these shorts in-store about a week ago and carried about six different colors. I bought four–pink, khaki, blue and this pair. They’re the perfect easy, breezy shorts for summer.



The necklace is frm Avenue for $7 on sale. I love all the little tiny charms on it. There’s a clock, bows, locks, hearts–it’s adorable! My earrings are from a Harlem street vendor on 125th. They were three for $5! I usually find the best earrings there.

I freakin’ love this outfit!


I feel like such a Girl’s Scout.




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