Stop & Smell the Roses



I didn’t realize how hard it would be to actually take time out to smell the roses when I moved to this quintessential city of dreams. Everything really does move as fast as they say & before you know it, you can completely forget what roses even smell like. So, allow the Frugal Fatshionista to remind you–stop, take a second, breathe in, breathe out and make a funny face, eat with your hands, dance like no one is watching. What I am really saying is–don’t get too caught up in the hustle & bustle of your everyday that you forget the bigger picture–LIVE!


(speaking of funny faces lol) Yes, this outfit reminded me of all of that. When I was putting it on, I was thinking of a title for the post & the first thing I thought of was–Stop & Smell the Roses. Then, I thought about how often I actually do that–hardly ever. So, it’s time!


I got this romper from Rainbow of course for a mere $7. I love when I find an amazing sale in exactly my size & it ends up fitting like a glove! I paired it with my zip up Avenue heels. They were $15 on a summer sale! (I never zip them up all the way because it reminds me up buttoning a shirt all the way to the top lol)


Of course I had to put a flower in my hair. That’s always been something I’ve loved to do since I was in high school. I got the flower from H&M for $3.95. The glasses I’m wearing are Urban Outfitters for $15, but they are prescription. I took them to my eye doctor & they put my prescription lenses in them free of charge!


So let this be a reminder to you–take a second out of your day, to smell the roses before you forget what they smell like!


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  1. I love this. I have thick thighs, so some times im aphrehensive about doing rompers. but u look good in this one. You have given me the courage to at least try one on…lolGood job on this blog.P.sI kno this post is kind of late, but I just found your blog.

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