Olivia: She’e Baaaaaaack!




She first hit the scene at the ripe age of 18, singing about how she’s about to “Bizzounce.” Olivia was making certifiable hits when most other young girls were thinking about what color to wear to prom. Unfortunately, the music industry is all about politics and because of that, she faded into obscurity, only to reemerge two years later as the first lady of G Unit. Not feeling like she was getting the R&B attention she craved, Olivia parted ways with G Unit, in search of herself and her future. Luckily, she’s found a home and is finally able to give us the music that she represents and that represents her. Her mixtape, Under the Radar–which is available for a free download on her website–features WebStar, Serrani and Drake. Sounds delicious, right? Well it is and it’s only an appetizer for us to listen to while we patiently wait on the main course–her album Show the World is due out later this year. Finally we will get to see all that is the real Olivia–no rumors, no assumptions. Not only do we get to see more of Olivia through her music, but she’s also got a reality show–Love and Hip Hop coming out on Vh1 in October. On it, we’ll see Olivia, Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones’ girlfriend) and Emily (Fabulous’ baby’s mother) live out their lives, minus the typical drama these types of shows are famous for.

-Danielle Young


I know that a lot of R&B stars are starting to do the mixtape thing. Is this your first one?

I did one in 2005, so I was the first R&B artist to do that! We called it So Seductive. I wanted to do another one because the fans were hitting me about the music. We had the album and because I had my Vh1 show coming out; I wouldn’t be able to promote both things. I decided to do another mixtape and the fans love it, so this should hold them over until the album.


A show on Vh1? Is it a reality show?

Well, yes and no. It’s basically following my life from how I went J to G Unit up until now. You see me with my family, friends, things I like to do in my daily life, events out, industry stuff with my other famous friends, just anything. You  guys are going to get to see the real Olivia. It will feature Emily and Chrissy and it will show what it’s like to be in hip hop and obviously for them–going through wanting to be in those relationships or not, how it’s like to be with someone in the spotlight that doesn’t claim them; it’s really going to be crazy. It’s going to be called Love and Hip Hop. I am excited about it.


It’s getting to a point now where celebrities are starting to do reality shows…

Well, I don’t like them. I’ve been approached to do reality shows for three years now. The only reason I decided to do it was because Mona Scott, who manages Missy, is one of my good friends and she’s doing it. We’re like family, so that’s the only reason I agreed to do it. I’m just really leery of reality shows and how they take certain people into certain elements and make them look. I don’t like how they put women against each other. We discussed all of that and we told them there would be no cattiness in the show. We’re not doing any of that scripted, throwing a drink in the face stuff.


How are you working around your schedule as an artist and now a reality star?

That’s easy girl! I do music in between. We’re going to put out two records. We’re shooting two videos off the mixtape. We’re going to shoot the video with Serrani for the “Rub Me Up” record. We’re also going to do the WebStar record. I’ll have both of those while working the records on the radio as well. We also have my single off the album. No sleep [laughs], but I’m kind of used to that.


Your new album, Show the World–what are you trying to show us?

**read Olivia’s response & the rest of her interview here**


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