Double Denim

There’s just something about a denim shirt that really gets me going! When I spotted this denim shirt at Rainbow for $7.99, I knew it had to be mine. I have a thing for sinched waists & flare. This shirt does just that. I paired the denim shirt with a classic pair of khaki shorts, courtesy of Avenue for $6. Remember I said I bought all those shorts from Avenue for $6?–this is one of those pairs.


 You guys should know about my love affair with color by now. So, I had to add something to the denim & khaki ensemble. I decided to rock my peacock necklace–which has purples & teals in it, so I added the purple sandals and teal bracelet, belt and earrings. Yes, I am wearing two belts–one brown & the other teal. I couldn’t decide, so I put on both & I quite liked the outcome. I may double belt it up again soon.



Who’s this cutie, you ask? My bestie was in town recently & not only did we have a completely tiring blast, but she was also in denim this day & I figured–hey, why not have a BFF fashion post!

Tonya’s wearing a $20 denim dress WITH POCKETS (I love pockets on a skirt or dress) from T.J. Maxx. Her uber sexy, tribal sandals are from Barefeet Shoes for $15. See folks, I’m not the only one that loves a good bargain & makes it look flawless!




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  1. I love how you decided to keep both belts!…lol. That is totally me…It's all about what makes you happy! I love the denim shirt too, btw!

  2. CUTE shirt! I love the way it drapes down the froint. I adore a denim shirt too… I seriously reach for mine once a week. It looks great with khaki! Lexy of BeautyFash

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