A Little Ketchup & Mustard

I am so glad that summer is still here. There is just something about slipping on a cute dress and some sandals that makes me so happy. Speaking of happy–red and yellow are two of the happiest colors I know. I used to cringe at the thought of wearing them together, but I gave it a try and kinda liked it.

This outfit was from the weekend that the bestie was in town. We stopped in Union Square, where we saw a mini art exhbibiton right there on display in the middle of the park. We had to take pics with it. The vertical one says:This is not the first hole my finger has been in, nor will it be the last.” I assumed the Burberry thing was a scarf, so I put it on lol. The white cloud reminding me of scattered thoughts–I can relate.


Later that night, we retreated to Chad’s rooftop and took in the crimson sunset. The dress is from Rainbow for $7 the belt is one from a yellow dress that I never even wear that belt with. The bag is from Rainbow. I don’t remember the price because I got it about 4 years ago. I’m sure it was no more than $10.

The bangles are Top Shop. The necklace is also a Rainbow buy. I got it for $5.99. It’ definiately a fun look. Adding flowers to my hair, always adds a flirty element to any This flower is from the 99 cent store.

You know those artificial flowers on the stem that they sell by the millions in any dollar store–yup, this is one of them. I got these flowers because I needed something to add color to my interview outfit for the Alicia Keys Head Blogger Competition. I thought to do this big red rose on my blazer. All in all, the look was just a fun symblo of my appreciation for summer still being here.



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