Belle Noir Mag Cover Story: Jeannie Ferguson




Her silhouette has curves could make the famed winding road of Lombard Street in San Francisco jealous. Her walk–completely untrained, but all her–confident, feminine and demanding of a standing ovation, which is exactly what Jeannie Ferguson received the day her modeling career started. “I’ve never walked a runway. I was there to assist my sister,” Jeannie humbly admits. Jeannie’s sister, Tasha is the co-founder of Big Girls United clothing line (BGU).  With her degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management, Jeannie’s always had a passion for fashion, “but modeling–never in a million years.”


Jeannie still didn’t consider herself a model, even after her showstopping debut. To each and every request for her to walk in a show, Jeannie would say no. Her “aha” moment happened at her first photoshoot for a Bald and Beautiful coffee table book. From there, Gwen DeVoe invited her to be a Dangerous Curves Tour Model. “She had a spectrum from tall and curvy to very curvaceous on a smaller scale–different types, ethnicities, everything. She told me I gave her everything she wanted in a model. She never paid attention to the fact that I was 5’3.” Yes, you read that right! Jeannie Ferguson is only 5’3! She’s a part of a really small niche–petite plus. “Going out on tour, we’ve been to D.C. a few times, Virginia, we’ve done a lot of different things. Everyone is always like, ‘You’re that little one!’” [laughs]


Every goal comes with setbacks. “Most of the time when I first started, I was always told no. Was I going to sit there and let it overwhelm me or was I going to do something. I thought up a game plan,” Jeannie recalls of her road to stardom. So began her weightloss journey. “Maybe, if I can come down a little bit more, it will balance out me being so short. No, it’s not going to make me look taller. No matter how much yoga I do, I’m not going to grow. I came down a little bit. I just constantly worked on my walk. The next casting, I was going to be there. Somebody was going to see me.” Jeannie’s determination to get fit was a testament to her commitment to plus model success.


It’s the kind of determination that propels talent to the forefront. Jeannie’s knack for modeling was organic, instilled in her before she even knew she wanted to model. There was no way she was going to let a few no’s pull her away from her path. “If you constantly let anything get in the way of you getting there, you’ll never get there. You know how people say you block your blessings, you deserve them. That’s what you do. If you know you deserve it, you go get it,” Jeannie proclaims. As the yes’s started flowing, Jeannie’s life was laced with amazing opportunities.


**read the rest of Jeannie’s story here**

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