Fashion’s Night Out & The Shining!

Everyone in the fashion world lives for Fashion Week. Whether it’s in New York City, Milan, L.A.–wherever, Fashion Week always brings out fashion’s best and most innovative souls. Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is pretty much a carnival for fashion lovers that kicks off Fashion Week. All over the city, boutiques stay open, hire a DJ and rock out as New York City’s best dressed dips in and our of each venue.


I was strolling to the bus stop by my apartment, when I spotted sequins. There was a lady, selling vintage, right there on the streets of Harlem, so of course, I had to check it out. I pulled this shirt from the rack, eyeballed it, figured I could probably squeeze in it and did. When the lady told me it was only $5, I just had to have it!



The shirt contours perfectly to my body and even cinches my waist without adding a belt (even though I added one). I paired this shiny number with a pair of black trouser shorts from Avenue for $6 and black booties with a cowboy heel, also from Avenue for $35. I got 25% off because they sent me a bday coupon! Thanks Avenue!


I wasn’t sure if I could get away with doing too much on the accessories since the shirt seems to be shining on it’s on, so I just added a ring, two bangles and studs. You don’t want to do TOO much when you’re shining like this. Or maybe I could have gotten away with more, since it’s Fashion Week.

As the night went on at FNO, I noticed there were quite a few people with the same idea as me–outshine everyone! My kindred seqin spirits inspired me to post up all about my sequin spotting! Check ’em out!


First up, the roomie. She’s sporting this sequin blazer with mixed patterns. Bold and beautiful!


Met this young girl outside of Tory Burch in her sequin Cynthia Rowley skirt added to a basic blazer & tee to make her stand out.

These ladies proved that a little sequin on a basic tee adds a little pizazz to any outfit! (L: Macy’s R: Evil)


This vintage sequin top gave me butterflies!


This beauty borrowed from her grandma’s closet and came out with this fierce black & gold vest. Me want!


I’m all about accessories! This headband, all the way from Korea shines bright.


I spotted this amazing top in Catherine Malandrino. Wow, gorg!


The colors of her jacket are insane–reds, golds–all sequin! Of course it’s vintage–seems to be the sequin theme.


A beaded and sequin corset? Yes please! I swooned over her Tom Tom top.


Her entire look is to die for! Vintage sequin top with zig zag details, acid wash jean shorts and the hair–love!


Yes honey work! This diva waltzed in to Patricia Field’s looking like her owned the place. I regret not getting a full body shot–he had on shimmered tights and patent leather booties! This sequin scarf is his own creation.


I spotted this cutie on the train, shining in her vintage sequin top.


She sparkled through the streets in her French Connection dress.


I live for these shorts. This girl is giving me Jenny Humphrey a la Gossip Girl! She was so excited to be singled out. These shorts got to the NYC streets by way of Portland, OR vintage.


How could I not snap this diva’s pic! From head to toe, her look sparkles. Check out these meannnnn wedges from Signature Report!

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  1. You rocked your outfit that night. The color looks great on you. Im diggin the photos up against the wall!

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