Free Fallin’

Fall is steadily approaching us and all I want it to do is stay. I don’t want winter. I love this type of weather–simple cardigan, jeans, boots or even sandals if you want. No heavy coats, no snow boots. I welcome cool breezes, scarves and such!


I paired my new smaller sized Avenue black skinny jean (on sale for $11!) with brown accessories. I know you’re not supposed to mix black & brown, but I did & found it to be an interesting look. I added a simple white t-shirt $5 from Rainbow and a soft pink cardigan I got from Old Navy so many years ago. The chain is from Avenue for $6 and the colors match the browns and pinks so well.


These brown cowboy inspired boots are from Avenue for $32.50, I had to get them in black too! My bag is from H&M, a gift from my roommate. The earrings are a gift from my grandma–vintage I’m hoping! I had to put my H&M leopard flower in my hair. I love that thing! So here we are fall. Dear Summer, I know you’re gonna miss me.



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  1. You are so beautiful! This outfit looks amazing on you, I really love how you dressed it up with your accessories. Go 'head girl!<3

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