Always a Bridesmaid…



Last weekend, I ventured down to NC to be a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding. I love love, so weddings are always such a joyous occasion. Especially since my 38 year old brother finally found a woman worthy of a man like him. Ever since I was little girl, my brother has been my father figure. I didn’t think I was going to cry, but I was a mess. It was really emotional seeing two people fully deserving of each other not only find each other, but marry. Touching. Enough of the mush.


I played the role of bridesmaid and this is actually my first time being a bridesmaid. I definitely hope I don’t start a trend–you know the old adage–“Always a bridesmaid…never a bride.” When my new sister-in-law told us we had options on choosing our dress, I was excited! That should mean that we can choose dresses based on our body types, so that no one looks frumpy or a mess.

I wanted this V-neck dress because the Frugalista in me wanted the cheapest dress they offered, but when I was told the color I needed wouldn’t be back in time, I had to opt for a different style. The constultant showed me that halter & skirt separates and my mind immediately started turning. I knew that I looked awesome in halters and that I could always reuse the top. Frugal Fatshionista Rule #43: Always realize the importance of a recyclable outfit/pieces.

And that, I did! The halter cost about $65 by itself and that is certainly more than I would ever spend on a top, so I knew I had to use this again.


I paired the David’s Bridal halter with my new Faith21 jeggings ($19.80) and my pink cardi shrug from Old Navy. I got this sweater so long ago, I don’t even know the price.





I tied the striped scarf around my neck to marry (pun intended) the colors of the top and cardi.


And the shoes? Oh man, I love a good wedge. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t do heels very well. And ladies should always at least try to do the heels.

Why? Because it gives your walk a new swag and makes everything look more feminine. So, try training yourself in wedges.


 Why am I laughing so hard? Because I beat the bridesmaids odds of buying an expensive and hideous dress, only to have it sit in the back of my closet for a liftetime. I can get my $65 worth of wears outa this halter and that tickles me pink…or should I say purple. Just because I found the silver lining in being a bridesmaid doesn’t mean I want to be one again anytime soon!


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  1. I just discovered ur blog today and was MEGA excited when I saw you were from Rocky Mount. I'm in Wilson and love ur style!

  2. Aww, cool! Thank you so much for supporting! NC baby!

  3. This is an awesome blog! I love all your entries, but this is GENIUS. The halter looks amazing with those jean-leggings and I am definitely gonna have to re-design some of my old bridesmaids dresses for something more fashionable (I have about 5!). I do kinda wish there was some way to remake my old wedding dress though…talk about expensive and sitting at the back of the closet! 😦 Ah well, if you come up with anything for THAT, I will totally be ready πŸ˜‰ Great job! You're an amazing stylist and writer!


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