Happy Halloween: Tricks, Treats and What I Wore!



Halloween has never been a big holiday for me. Of course as a kid, I loved dressing up and hitting up the “rich people” neighborhoods for the good candy. This year I decided to get dressed as one of my favorite posters–Rosie the Riveter.

 Rosie represents the time when women were working in factories, making the guns for the men to use in Wolrd War II. For me, she represents strength and independence. Two things I value in myself.

It was a simple costume but a creative idea, so I was psyched!

I used a romper that I’d had from Rainbow that cost me $5. I got the red & white polka dotted scarf from Canal St. for $7. Frugal Fatshionista does costumes too!


My new buddy Digo was taking pics of me and he was drunk and making me laugh.

I tried to give different poses, but I kept going right back to Rosie’s iconic bicep curl.


You definitely don’t have to be a WWII buff to know who Rosie is, but it was humorous to hear who people thought I was. Some thought I was Aunt Jemima or somehow related to the Obama campaign.


My homegirl Starr invited me out to PNC’s Halloween party in Dumbo. I love that part of BK so much, I didn’t care that weekend commuting sucks and that I live all the way in Harlem. I had to go, if it was just to see the view. Trust me–you want to see the view from Dumbo.


Starr was an American Apparel ad. I love that we kind of think alike!


 Starr’s buddy Kimery was Frida Kahlo.


Look at Frida giving me side eye! LOL


Ran into some mimes.


Holy cow! Get it?


Another Frida and her husband Malibu’s Most Wanted.


Sweeny Todd! Or any other Johnny Depp character…


Che Guevarra


I absolutely LOVED Janelle Monae as a costume! Good idea!


Off with their heads! We ran into the Queen of Hearts on our way home.


Homie don’t play that!


All in all, I’d say it was an awesome Halloween night. People take themselves way too seriously and Halloween is that one time of year where you don’t have to. Dress up, let loose and get some candy! It’s all about the candy! I know today is the day for half off candy, so Happy day after Halloween everyone lol! 🙂


What were some of your favorite costumes that you spotted?

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