YRB: Esther Baxter


OK, go ahead and get it out of your system. Isn’t that the girl from Petey Pablo’s “Freek-a-Leek” video? Yup, that’s her. But like anyone else with an advancing career, Esther Baxter has moved on to bigger things. She’s no longer your favorite curvy chick shaking her assets all over the screen. 


After Esther’s brother fostered her award-winning video vixen career (where she became one of the most recognizable faces in rap videos), she sought out something more challenging: acting. Never one to let anything intimidate her, Esther didn’t get bit by the acting bug – but, rather, she boldly bit it. With three movies under her belt (Speed Dating,Video Girl and Just Another Day), she is well on her way to being more than just eye candy.


YRB: Tell me about when you first decided you wanted to model. How did your passion take off?

Esther: After I graduated high school I went to college, [and] I was teaching around the time that my brother came to me about this girl that he was talking to. She was modeling and doing the video thing. He was like, ‘I really think you can do this. You’re way cuter than her.’ He asked if I could do it for a living and I thought, “Yeah, ok. I’m going to sit down and get my hair and makeup done for a living, yeah right!” He wanted me to meet this agent that was cool and knew of all the castings. I met the agent and he told my brother that I was ‘the shit and she’s going to go far if she really wants to.’ They sent me out the next day to the set for Mario Winans’ “I Don’t Wanna Know.”


YRB: Take me back to the beginning when you walked on set of your first video. How did you feel and what were you thinking?

Esther: Well, on my very first video, I was an extra. My idea of what was going on was kind of, what the heck?! Why are we in this room all day? That’s when I first got the whole separation of extra and principle models. I didn’t know what it was then. I was given the rundown and figured out that the principle girls were the main girls. I had to go there with my own makeup and hair done, my own outfit, shoes and stuff and these [principle] girls had it all provided for them when they got there. I thought, “OK, so I’m never doing this again.” [Laughs] I was going to be a principle.


YRB: How did that plan come into fruition?

**Read Esther’s reply and the rest of the article here**


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  1. I lov this post! You have a great blog here!

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