Inside Out, You’re Turning Me

I’ve been meaning to do a post about my new over-the-knee boots from Avenue for the longest! I was so excited when I spotted these boots, I already had about three posts in my head.

They are $56–a little more than I like to spend on boots, but still a decent price. The fit my legs wonderfully and I didn’t need to go and get elsatic or anything put in to make them fit. I love Avenue for that.

I paired the boots with my denim dress from Rainbow that you may remember only cost me $5. I had a flannel shirt that I never really wore and while I was standing in my closet, it caught my eye. Well, the inside of it did. Immediately I thought about The Fresh Prince and how he turned his school blazer inside out because of the cool print that was inside.

A light bulb went off, Ding! Turn it inside out. So that’s what I did. The colors of the pattern meshed really well with my tan fishnets, so I was a happy girl.

Of course I belted the look. Mostly because the buttons were on the inside and I coudn’t button the shirt. But you know i love a good belt! This one is from re/Dress for $7, I believe, possibly less.

With this post comes bad news–well for you, good news for me. I’ll be leaving tonight for my Thanksgiving cruise through St. Thomas, Nassau and St. Maarten! I am so excited. I wanted to leave you guys with a post so you don’t forget about me! I wish I could post from there, but my friends tell me there will be no internet and no phone service for the duration of the trip, which is 7 days. Man oh man–to be disconnected for 7 days is going to feel weird, but the relaxation is totally worth it.

I’ll catch you nerds on the flip side, but try not to miss me too much! I know I’ll miss you! Def keep coming back in my absense! ❤ Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Love the boots they look great. I actually checked out Avenue website and they have really nice stuff. Hope to see you soon. Yelisse

  2. You're going to the Virgin Islands and didn't invite me!!!!!!!!!! lol…just kidding! Have fun! And I LOVE this post. Everything! The boots, the fishnets, the inside out shirt!!! how cool is that!!! love it!

  3. TOOOO FREAKIN CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be just like you when I grow up! Now…gotta find me some boots!

  4. Hope you had fun in the islands!! You look amazing as always!!

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