PLUS Model Mag: Big Girls United Previews New Collection “Chameleon”


A chameleon is able to transform themselves into their background for the sake of protection. Perhaps the most important and recognizable characteristic of a chameleon is their ability to be whatever they need to be at the moment. Tasha and Jeannie Ferguson were able to create a line that mirrored the functions of a chameleon. With their Big Girls United Chameleon Preview in Brooklyn recently, us plus fashionistas were able to see each girl transform into their setting.

They served us various looks for a chill night with the girls, a night on the town, a day in the office or even an easy breezy Sunday morning look. A few standout pieces were the grey Harem pants–which usually make big girls a little nervous, but these fit with sex appeal–and the high-low dress–a dress that was knee length in the front and to the ankle in the back, giving a playful and unique vibe to the easy jersey dress.

We ran into a lot of familiar faces–our own stylist, Steffany, blogger Netta P, Belle Noir Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Aja Stubbs and our very own fashion editor, Mia Amber Davis. BGU managed to capture a lot of what’s missing in the plus fashion world–style, class, funk and an effortless design that doesn’t look forced. It’s a good thing the designer, Tasha works so well with her model and fashion forward sister, Jeannie Ferguson because they were able to put forth a line that will hopefully inspire other plus designers to be daring and bold. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

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