Three Way: A Sequins of Events

This right here is a vintage Oscar de la Renta black and white striped sequin shirt. Got all that? 🙂 I scored this baby at ReDress NYC this weekend and couldn’t wait to post it! I can’t believe I even found this beauty for $14!!! Yes, you read that right. Got you wanting to go to ReDress, right? You should!

I wasn’t quite sure how to rock the button up, considering it’s very swanky, but still has an element of casualness to it. So I decided to rock it in three ways and let you guys pick your favorite.

The first way is with a little black dress ($10 Rainbow). Simple, yet chic. I paired it with grey tights ($6 Avenue) because I wanted to break the monotony of the black. I added a suede bootie ($35 Avenue) for texture and a simple charmed necklace. I love that when you fold the sleeves up, you get a different striped pattern. This look could be office chic to evening out.


The second look is definitely more casual. I kept the same color scheme and used grey jeans ($15 Rainbow) with a suede bootie with chain details ($35 Avenue). Under the top, I used a plain white camisole ($5 Rainbow) as to not go overboard with the styling of the shirt. When you’re wearing sequins, it usually does all the work, so you just have to compliment it.

The third look is a mixture of the casual and the business. Business casual? Haha! The jumper dress ($7 Pay Half) adds a fun element, but the silhouette is definitely sexy. I used the same suede booties from the first look because I love the way ankle boots look with skirts, dresses and shorts.

Take a good look at each look. Which one would you rock? How would you switch it up? Is there a look that’s your favorite? Let me know! This “Three Way” post is the first of many of its kind. There’s always a random piece of clothing that I’ll come across and be a little confused as to how to wear it, so I’ll be putting together looks and asking for your help! 🙂 Want to see which look out of these three I like the most?

Don’t forget to tell me how you’d rock it or which looks I provided is your fave!


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  1. Definitely the 3rd is my favorite, then the 1st, then the 2nd. The 3rd looks adorable and sexy at the same time and – like you pointed out – has a great silhouette. I cannot believe you found that shirt for $14. lucky! 🙂

  2. Me either! I didnt even know it was Oscar until I got it home! I ended up wearing it completely different from anything up top. Maybe I'll do a post on how I ended up wearing it. :-)Thanks!

  3. First look for me with a red skinny belt! Yaaasssssss!

  4. Omg, if you ever tire of it and decide to sell that shirt I am soooo on it!

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