P. Watts

Born and bred in South Carolina, P. Watts’ musical journey started simply as a bouncer at the club. The music that he’d hear on a nightly basis challenged him to do better. He wasn’t one of those people to complain just for the sake of it, he took action. After telling himself that he could make better music than what was bumping in the club speakers, he did. From fan to star, P. Watts’ journey is enviable. He proudly possesses all the right qualities to take his career to the next level. And with that in mind, we’re patiently awaiting his debut mixtape, hosted by DJ Burn One–The Element of Surprise. As of right now, the tease of his single, “Grown Man,” is enough to perk up our ears.

-Danielle Young


What are you currently working on?

I just wrapped up my mixtape with DJ Burn One out of Atlanta. He’s heavy on the mixtape scene right now. We just wrapped up The Element of Surprise and that should be out momentarily. There’s just a lot of feel good music on there. It’s got a whole bunch of nice features on it. It’s The Element of Surprise, so if you want to know who’s on it and who produced what, be on the lookout for it. You’ll see what the surprise is all about. You can expect it late November/early December.


Are you doing any touring or shows right now?

We’re doing shows here and there. We’re planning a tour at the top of the year. We’re trying to get some college dates and stuff. So be expecting that by 2011.


How would you describe your sound?

My sound is good, southern hip-hop. Coming from the south, I have a southern perspective.  I grew up the Southern way. You’re going to get that in my music, but you’re also going to get hip-hop. I grew up on artists like LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Wu Tang, The Poison Clan, Above the Law–all the way up to now with Travis Porter and Roscoe Dash. You’ll see a combination of every sound across the U.S. and worldwide within my sound.


Why do you feel music is what you wanted to do with your life?

I felt like it fell into my lap. It wasn’t necessarily something I wanted to do. I started out doing security at clubs and constantly hearing music that wasn’t pleasant to my ears. I thought that I could do better. [laughs] That’s what inspired me.


Explain how it fell into your lap.

**read P. Watts’ response and the rest of the article here.

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