Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A…Vest?

I have never been a fur person. I always thought they looked cute when chicks wore ’em, but I never thought I’d want one. My roommate is always rocking a fur vest. She’s got this really cool, funky and almost careless style. I love the way she puts things together. I lusted after her fur vests.

Then I spotted this furry little guy in Avenue for $59.90 (at 40 % off), so I got it for about $37. I had to have it. It’s grey and black fur with a green metallic “leather” back and gold buttons and zipper.It’s soooo cozy. Now I see why people like fur.

I paired the vest with an all denim getup. Dark denim jeggings with a lighter wash button up. Mixing light and dark denim is such a clean and sharp look. You can accessorize with any color. I chose earth tones.

My snake ring is from Avenue. They have great jewelry and it’s usually on sale. This one was $5. My shell necklace is from a street vendor in St. Maarten. It was $1. I love vendors. You can find the best stuff for CHEAP! The colors of the shell matches the vest perfectly. I know I said I would be less matchy matchy, but I couldn’t resist pairing these two!

I got these bracelets from St. Maarten as well. They were 3 for $10! I got another one that’s open with a snake’s head on one end and his tail on the other. You can wear them as necklaces too. I love that you can bend them in whatever shape you want. I just put it on and kept twisting and this is what I ended up with.

This outfit rocks with or without the vest, but I like the texture and depth that the vest adds. With these cold days we’ve been having in NYC, I’ve been LIVING in my thigh-high boots. I need all the extra warmth I can get! You may remember these $56 boots from my Inside Out post.

Oh and the beret? I’ve been wearing these things since I was a little girl. They’re definitely my winter hat of choice. This one cost me nothing. It was my mom’s from the 70’s. πŸ™‚ This vest is going to be a winter staple in my wardobe. I can’t wait to experiment with it and pair it with dresses, shorts & tights and whatever else I can think of.

Are you a fan of the fur?


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  1. hey girl! I love the fur vest. I too have seen them on others and thought "hmm that's cute…on her" hahaha I haven't tried the furry vest yet, because i have yet to find one that wasn't super fluffy. I'm not fond of the eskimo look…lol. I like your vest, the fur looks shorter, sleeker.Also, wanted to say thank you for rocking the jeggings! I LOVE those things and many of my friends think they are silly or that they can't pull them off. I am such a promoter of the skinny jean and jeggings! Haha.Love the blog. Look forward to seeing each outfit you post!! πŸ™‚

  2. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! You read my mind with the fur vest, I was just at TJ Maxx looking at a few diff styles and those boots are BOMB!!!!

  3. You look so freaking cute in this outfit. I love the vest with the beret. Work!

  4. Love the outfit! I too saw a gray vest in Wet Seal that I HAD to have. I already had at least 2 outfits I was going to wear with it when I looked at the price tag. It was $40. I couldn't forsee myself buying a vest for that much so i left it on the hanger lol… but I did denim on denim this summer!!! I rolled up the sleeves and paired the outfit with brown clogs. It was cute and so are you!!!!!! Love it!

  5. @Gray lol yes I am a FIRM believer in the jegging and skinny jean. I just love the look and feel! Yeah, i didn't want to look like Sasquatch, so I thought this vest was a better fit of what I was looking for. Thanks girl!@Velv Thanks wifester! ❀ You should get one. You'd be adorable in it!@Alissa Thank you my love! The beret was a last minute touch, although berets have been my winter hats since I was a little girl. I have a bunch of my mom's from the 70's–this is one of them!@Valerie: lol yeah mine was almost $40. I dont think they come much cheaper bc orig this was $60. I LOVE the denim on denim. I never really did it before, but when I saw how it looked with the vest, I loved it!

  6. Girllllllll That vest is too Cute… in the furriest wayy! lol

  7. LMAO @ Tiffona!

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