Floral Arrangement

I love scarves and when I spotted this floral scarf at H&M for $3, it was a no brainer.

[Grr, obvs, I need to cut off that tag. Please excuse it’s reoccuring appeance lol.] Since the weather has decided to give us one freakishly nice day, I pulled out my 3/4 length bubble trench from Rainbow ($20). NYC doesn’t really have a long enough spring or fall, so I don’t feel like I really got to wear it enough.

Yes, these are my go-to boots. I paired the scarf with this plum colored sweater dress that I’ve had for a few years (not sure of where I got it or the price) and always been a little nervous to wear. It definitely hugs the curves and before I lost the weight, it wasn’t the most flattering dress on me.

I love tying my scarves in bows. This one is frilly and a little longer than I usually wear, so I decided to play with it a little.

I ended up tying it behind my back and making into a faux shrug.

The volume of the scarf gives it the structure that I love. I’m definitely going to be wearing this little number this winter. Warm and adorable, what else could a girl ask for?

In what ways do you “arrange” your scarves?

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  1. I love this outfit — because I love the mix of grey and pink! I am not a great creative mind when it comes to scarves, so I like seeing your ideas here. I always wear scarves the same way. Haha. NOW I'll have to try the shrug thing. I haven't tried the bow yet, but I think the next scarf day will be a bow-tied scarf day! 🙂

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