BET Centric: Listen Up-Peter Hadar is Anti Neo Soul

Champagne, sex and fashion serve as the foundation of music created by a man that describes his sound as such. Alternative singer/songwriter Peter Hadar—who’s been heavily endorsed by soul singers Eric Roberson and Raheem Devaughn—is breaking down the boundaries of neo-soul. While he’s not a flag waving militant out to spread hate for the genre, he is against being forced into the neo-soul box. “I want to progress as far as I can. My goal is to open the mind of the average Neo-Soul listener. I want people to listen to my music and understand there’s balances there and it’s all a part of me. I’m expressing who I am, period.” Hadar explains.

Born in New Jersey, Hadar’s music is a unique mesh of the classic soulful vibes of Miles Davis, the funky rhythms of Morris Day and The Time, the futuristic spirit of N.E.R.D. and the pure sexuality of  Teddy Pendergrass. His upcoming forth album, Take Off Victoria, is a departure from his last three projects. I’ve heard Hadar’s music before, but because he’s a self-proclaimed “progressive artist,” he’s opting to present a different sound. “This project is heavily influenced by lo-fi bands, like Waves and Sleigh Bells. I wanted to push the envelope forward a little bit and integrate where I’m from. We love House and Club music. It’s a happy record about having a good time and hopefully taking someone home. It’s about dancing,” Hadar says with a smile.

With the new year in full swing, Hadar has resolved to, “Be a better artist, businessman, man, Christian, [and to] just be better.” Unsurprisingly, he’s already hit the ground running. “Take Off Victoria will probably be out in the fall, but we’re going to drop at least two or three singles before then. We’re definitely going to engage and give you tons of music and content in the next couple of months.”—Danielle Young

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